‘Spare Me the Dumb Rhetoric’: Tucker Battles Man Who Said Trump More Dangerous Than MS-13 (Video)


President Donald Trump went to Long Island, New York, on Friday, speaking to federal, state, and local law enforcement about MS-13 and the brutal transnational gang that has become more active in the United States due to Obama’s loose immigration policy.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson dedicated a good portion of his Friday night show to discuss the topic with Daniel Altschuler, of “Make the Road New York,” who said he was one of 500 people “rejecting the use of a local tragedy to score points in his broader anti-immigrant agenda.”

Tucker sparred with Altschuler who said that Trump’s use of anti-gang rhetoric was a pretext to repeat the sentiments he expressed in the speech he made to kick off his campaign.

He said that in the 2015 Trump Tower address, the president called immigrants “criminals and rapists.”

“We have to understand this in the context of villifying and criminalizing all immigrants,” he said.

“Spare me the dumb rhetoric,” Tucker Carlson responded, “What’s wrong with going after MS-13?”

Altschuler said immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than native citizens.

Carlson replied that if Altschuler cared about the immigrant community, he would recognize that MS-13 “preys upon immigrants” by extorting or murdering them, Fox News reported.

Responding to a later question, Altschuler said Trump is more dangerous to the immigrant community than MS-13.

“That’s grotesque,” Carlson said. “You don’t actually know anything.”

 It’s shocking the degree of denial these liberals will go to just because they do not support President Trump.

President Trump Declares War On MS-13 | Full Speech To Police On Long Island 7/28/17


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