Speech Problems Mar Pelosi Appearance: Says Tax Cut Will Add ‘2 Children Dollars More’ to Deficit (Video)


What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

All things considered, she looks pretty good for being 78-years old. But her looks are not the concern, it is becoming painfully obvious that Pelosi’s faculties are slipping.

During her press briefing Thursday she slurred her words and appeared confused, something that is becoming more common for Pelosi. And it’s not just that, her facial expressions seem odd as well. It could be the stress, or it could be health issues.

The American Mirror reported

Pelosi suffered brain freezes, speech problems and was confused about Russia and China at least twice.

While attacking Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Pelosi had trouble saying “effectively.”

“His kowtowing to the president, esffect, esffectively saying…” she said.

Moments later, while attacking the Trump tax cut, she said, “…the GOP tax scam for the rich that added 2 children dollars more” to the deficit.

Pelosi suffered more speech problems as she was criticizing Trump.

“The president said he was going to move for negotiation, ‘I’m going to nego— negotiate,’ what was it,” she asked a staffer. “Like crazy,” she continued after prompting.

“Families across America are getting a raw deal from the Republicans. Democrats are pres— prosing a better deal,” she said.

After having trouble saying “Tienanmen” Square, she confused America’s adversaries.

“Instead of empowering the Russians, excuse me the Chinese in this case, instead of empowering the Chinese to, um,” she said, suffering a brain freeze, “hurt our industries,” she continued.

Moments later, she confused the countries again.

Talking about the trade deficit, she said, “It’s 80% of our products going into Russia— China, it just is, it’s just wrong.”

Pelosi suffered an extended brain freeze as she discussed Trump’s behavior.

After pulling out of it, she announced, “What do the Russians have on Donald Trump politically, financially,” delaying, before adding, “and personally.”

She was hit by yet another freeze before the 20-minute appearance concluded.

Will Democrats ever address what appears to be afflicting their leader?

This is not the first time that Pelosi’s speech was slurred and she had difficulty articulating her sentences and recalling facts.

During her press briefing earlier this month she slurred her words and appeared confused.

“Last week, soy bean futures hit a nine-year low,” Pelosi told reporters.

“Soy boyn— soy bean futures hit a nine-year low,” she repeated, attempting to pronounce the words clearly, accentuating each one with a pointed finger.

“Pork producers, corn growers and wheat grawers, growers are reeling, too,” she said before suffering a brain freeze, staring at reporters and finally saying, “And that’s so far this week.”

“The Supreme Court’s radical Janus decision will have drastic destructive,” she said, suffering a jaw problem, “destructive and long-stand— standing impacts…”

Moments later, she claimed the Supreme Court has “reduced the leverage of workers in our country. Roost their leverage for, again, collective bargaining.”

At one point she let out a big sigh mid-sentence, saying, “So, here we are, we have a better raw deal, we have a better deal,” she corrected herself.

Jaw problems marred her performance again when she mispronounced “Justice Kennedy.”

“Make no mistake, mistake,” she said shortly later.

According to The American Mirror, Pelosi became confused about how many Americans have pre-existing conditions.

“120, 130, 125, 130 million Americans have pre-existing conditions,” she said. “So our…” she said moments later, suffering a brain freeze, causing her lips to quiver as if no words would exit, her hand to wave and a long stare at reporters, “provena— our history on this is one that has been solid…”

While taking questions from reporters, apparently she had trouble hearing one and asked a reporter to “repoot” one.

Pelosi suffered yet another brain freeze shortly after.

At some point the Democratic National Committee is going to have to replace the old faces of the Democratic party and have Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters step aside or their party will continue to suffer.

Than again – let them stay! It’s good for Republicans.

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