Starting In Kindergarten Children Will Be Taught Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, And Transgender Lifestyles [Video]


Family Life Education (FLE) lessons will include teachings on heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual, and transgender identity. Lessons will include discussions about, oral and anal sex, and the different sexual lifestyles each live.


Starting in kindergarten, students will be taught about same-sex or gay marriage practices. FLE lessons will be taught at public schools in Fairfax County, Virginia, and are preparing to include gender identity in its curriculum, despite objections from parents.

CBN News reported that the move has angered many parents over what they see as forcing them to expose their children to issues that are not even part of state requirements.

“Starting in kindergarten, students will be taught about same-sex or gay marriage and the parents will not be able to opt out,” Andrea Lafferty,  president of the Traditional Values Coalition, told CBN News.


“Most sections in the FLECAC committee’s report have been a part of the curriculum in past years, with the difference being that many of the instructional objectives now meet the Virginia Dept. of Education’s (VDOE) general Health Standards of Learning,” the board wrote.

“As-such (they) no longer have an opt-out option. These topics include conflict resolution skills, respecting individual differences such as disabilities, ethnicities and cultures and mental health areas,” they wrote.

Lafferty said students in 8th grade will be discussing President Bill Clinton’s “activity, along with oral and anal.” Fourth graders will receive instruction about incest, she said.


“One of the big issues is in Virginia parents can opt their children out of certain parts of the Family Life Education. And so now what they’re doing is trying to move parts of it from FLE to Health, which means parents cannot opt their children out,” she said.

Many parents are outraged that the proposed lessons are not required by law, but will have the option of opting their children out of the lessons. 


Dear Parents,

We would like to ensure that all Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) families have the correct information regarding the proposed lesson objectives and curriculum for our Family Life Education (FLE) program. The changes under consideration by the School Board are the result of a series of recommendations from the Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee (FLECAC), which is a standing citizen advisory committee that reviews the FLE curriculum on a regular basis and is comprised of school board appointees, community members, students, teachers and administrators. The committee has been working on the curriculum recommendations for more than a year.

Most sections in the FLECAC committee’s report have been a part of the curriculum in past years, with the difference being that many of the instructional objectives now meet the Virginia Dept. of Education’s (VDOE) general Health Standards of Learning, and as-such no longer have an opt-out option. These topics include conflict resolution skills, respecting individual differences such as disabilities, ethnicities and cultures and mental health areas.

The question has been asked: “Will parents still be able to opt their child out of Family Life Education lessons?” The answer is yes. Parents have been able to opt their students out of FLE designated lessons in the past and will continue to have that ability under the FLECAC committee’s recommendations – including the sexual orientation and gender identity lessons. Other topics that parents will be able to opt their child out of include reproductive anatomy, contraception, abstinence, STIs, and many others.

Parents and community members will have the opportunity to review and comment on the proposed curriculum revisions during a 30 day period, which begins May 21. I encourage you to visit our web page for additional information about the FLE curriculum and to learn how you can participate in the comment process:

Our parents’ role in determining if their child will receive Family Life Education lessons has not changed. As parents, you continue to have the final say. I hope you find this information helpful and that it dispels many of the misperceptions that are currently being posted regarding our FLE curriculum in the media and elsewhere.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

 Karen Garza


Fairfax County Public Schools”

Read the full story at CBN News

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  1. it just goes to show people, homosexuality is not as common as those that advocate for it, so they must now indoctrinate kids into this way of thinking to raise the numbers either to be homosexual or at least sympathetic to that cause. ….. The Wrath of GOD is coming, Pray for these people. The lost do not know that they are lost, unless someone shows them the way.

        • What if your kid get’s raped and doesn’t know what it was so, they didn’t tell you? A nine year old girl I know got molested several times by a girl younger than her and never told her parents. Once she told me, I went to them straight away. You may think that it’s not okay for them to know but, I’ll tell you now that it is important for them to know. This girl who molested the nine year old knew a lot about sexual things but, she didn’t know any of the consequences. You can never fully trust how others raise their kids and that is why it is important to teach kids this stuff when they’re young. The younger you teach them, the more they know to look out for when their older. You know what the nine year old girl said to me? “I don’t know what it was, I just knew it felt wrong.” Isn’t that disgusting for her to not even know what happened to her own body? It’s incredibly sad and disturbing. Could you even imagine having that happen to you, by the same gender as well. They were both so young and uneducated, this only happened recently too. Not to mention that girl did it when they were all alone, pushed her down and everything. It was in public yet no one saw, that or they just didn’t help. The other parents in the neighborhood say she flashed other children as well. Not to mention she flipped up someone’s skirt in public and commented on their underwear. Some parents just don’t raise their kids well and it’s the adults jobs to protect them from that. YOU have to teach them how to defend themselves when that happens, YOU have to teach them that it is only for marriage! You have to educate your kids!

      • josh, homosexuality comprises a miniscule part of the population. it gets an exaggerated and unwarranted amount of concern as does gender identity and a host of other trivial societal pursuits And, compared to what is happening in the world, its surprising that this, all the gender concerns, marriage equality and other trumpery societal pursuits seem to be out there as a handy misdirection by elements in the govt from the real the urgent and pressing matters facing the country today

      • homo’s is like a disease srry but its same as child molestors….homo’s like the same sex as child molesters like kids….its all chemical imbalance ….so should we allow child molesters be ok???? no so homo’s is the same exact catagory….its an illness so if u teach our kids at this age it will twist there lil minds and make them gay or lesbo!!!! so josh im sry to break it to you there is nothing to learn homo’s!!!

        • Well Mike, you are funny. First off, almost every professional therapist and psychiatrist and psychologist, will tell you that child molestation has NOTHING to do with homosexuality. Matter of fact, it is NOT really about sex, but about power and control over the victim.

          Yet MIKE, I report on this crime. Since I am a survivor of being raped by RCC priests and finally came out about it, after living in fear for almost 32 years, I now report, on all the priests, pastors and ministers of the Christian religion who rape children and teens. Been doing this since 2012. As of yesterday? I have reported on 38,223 of them. Some of these disgusting perverts have raped INFANTS. Some have raped 100, 200, 300 or more children. MANY of them have raped both boys and girls. Some have raped just boys, some have just raped girls. Some have raped children, teens and adults.

          The RCC has the biggest problem of male on male rape. That is because there are more boys available to these perverts. Then again, we have also shown, that such places as the Magdalene and Good Shepherd Laundries and their First Nation Industrial Schools, these priests and nuns love raping girls. Right now there are over 1,812 girls still missing from these schools, probably sold into pedophile sex rings. Oh yeah, and those schools were also responsible for the brutal deaths of over ten thousand children.

          But the same happened and still happens in the United States Native American Industrial Schools, run by the other Christian denominations.

          So Mike, homosexuality is NOT the problem. Perverted degenerates are, and the pew polishers who stand up and defend and protect them.

          Oh and Mike, I also report on teachers, boy scout leaders, politicians et all who rape children and teens too…..guess what the statistics prove on this? 90% of these disgusting perverts? Claim they are in fact, CHRISTIANS.

          • “So Mike, homosexuality is NOT the problem. Perverted degenerates are,”

            Well that settles it.
            ALL HOMOs are perverted degenerates.

          • Child molestation might not be homosexuality but it IS another abhorrent sexual practice right next to homosexuality. NAMBLA members next will be wanting THEIR “special rights” and will be wanting THEIR “acceptance” in society. Young kids should not be indoctrinated into sex this way. This just shows the collective and marxist control mindset of those pushing this agenda and it is wrong any way you slice it.

          • Well Phil, with the amount of priests, pastors and ministers of the Christian religion, who have raped, tortured, abused, beat, and murdered children? One would think that NAMBLA has taken over your churches.

            Oh and we fight NAMBLA just as much as we fight the disgusting pedophile perverts of the Christian religion.

            The collective and marxist mindset? How about the collective and fascist mindset of Christians?

        • You can’t MAKE someone gay or lesbian, they are born that way. It’s sad how uneducated you are. You don’t have to agree with people being homosexual but, you do have to educate yourself to make a valid argument.

        • Um….. could you show me some evidence for this? If you can, then I’d love to here it, you know. Being homosexual or bisexual is actually natural- scientifically proven. In any case, if you noticed: these classes can be completely opted out by the parents. So you are still free to prevent your children from learning about these things. Although why anyone would be against tolerance, accepting other people and learning about people other than your own culture is a bad thing, I don’t know. Conflict resolution sounds good too, I know a lot of people who could have done with some solutions to peacefully solving issues. Please, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it, it’s unnecessary and spreads hatred.

      • As some of us predicted and warned… we’ve now arrived at mind rot for tots. Anyone approaching a child with this kind of vile drivel should share a prison cell with all the other child molesters…

        • And yet teaching them to hate does not poison their minds already, this is only teaching what god intended love and acceptance, nothing more and nothing less. someone need re-educating.

          • God taught love and acceptance? WOW. You are so deceived. Pick up your Bible and READ IT instead of parroting what you’ve heard from godless liberals. God is NOT accepting of sin. He tells us what is sin in His Word. Guess what is at the top of the list? Sexual perversion. God LOVES the world which is why He calls us to REPENT, and REJECT sin…not throw parades celebrating it.

          • So Sarah, how many of those laws have YOU broken?

            Were YOU a virgin on your wedding night? If you were not? Then you should be dragged to your fathers house where you should be stoned to death.

            Do YOU wear pants? Wear clothes of mixed fabrics? If so then YOU are an abomination.

            Do you eat bacon? Pork Chops? Slices of ham? Then YOU are an abomination.

            Do you eat anything of the sea or lakes without scales or fins? Like shrimp, clams, oysters, catfish, etc? If so, then YOU are an abomination.

            Have you cut your hair? If so YOU are an abomination.

            How many of the laws have YOU broken Sarah? For your Jeebus did say…judge not lest you be judged, for what so ever you judge upon another? Shall be judged upon YOU and if YOU have broken just one of the laws of your buybull, then it looks like YOU will be the one burning in hell.

      • You are very mistaken, Jaissen. Mormons are the ones who go around looking for people to join their ranks! Oh, and Mike, being gay isn’t a disease. Straight people are just as capable of molesting young boys. Only 10% of admitted molesters describe themselves as homosexual.

        • That’s not what he’s saying, though. What he’s saying is that both homosexuality and being a child molester are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. While I don’t know if he is correct or not, I thought I should help clear up the confusion.
          Also, it’s Jehovah’s Witnesses that go door-to-door to add people to their numbers. I don’t think Mormons do that too.

      • I know just about as much as I need to know about that perverted and sick lifestyle. Sorry that you and so many others are so far removed from reality and morality that you don’t understand this.

    • This Is The Last Damned Straw,…This Is Absolutely Disgusting And FILTHY,…..PULL ALL YOUR KIDS OUT OF THIS VILE SCHOOL,….Its Teaching Them PORNO,…..Don’t Stat This Judgmental Bullshit With Me,…Cause It Won’t Fly,….Just Like That Bitch Mily Cyrus Called All Christians Tonight,…F*****G judgmental Insane Christians,….I Would like To Slap That No Good Piece Of Scum Right Across The Face!!!…Who The Hell Is She Think She Is,….She Is Nothing But A Big Mouth SLUT DEVIANT Pig

      • That is what you think and say Frank, thoe actually it teaches children what god actually intended which was to show love and acceptance, not hate or sin. only those with a dark heart displays such callinous, and that it does actually at it states be whom you want, harm none thy shalt, and thy shalt not cast the first stone without sin. And you’re comment has henched proved her point, hench that I don’t like Miley, thoe she does have a good point for once in her life. And you say that about her, thoe look at christians, they have been abusing children since the dawn of time and human life, you just have to look at Josh Duggar and his sisters who he molested that is so not christian, I know of christian’s and they don’t do that, they speak of love and acceptance.

    • You ChristoFascists of Hate on here just disgust me. I wonder often what is actually keeping you freaks, who keep demanding the brutal murder and slaughter, of gays, lesbians, atheists and others, is stopping you.

      See I report on your ChristoFascist Preachers of Hate and I wonder, how would they like what they want to do unto others, be done upon them? Some of them want to cold bloodly walk up to people they deem as gay or lesbian and shoot them in the head and if anyone even mentions the words gay or lesbian, especially in front of children, then you face between 10 years to life in prison.

      I also wonder why, you ChristoFascists will gather enmass to protest same sex marriage and gay rights, but you have NEVER once gathered enmass and protested your priests, pastors, ministers and preachers who rape kids. See I also report on that and since I started in 2012, I have reported on 38,223 priests pastors and ministers who have left a wake of horror, terror and destruction in about ONE MILLION childrens and teens lives, by raping them, and then using their bs of hell and gawd to shut them up and not report on their rapes.

      How about this you freak, hating, bigoted Christianists, how about you start protesting what your priests and pastors are doing to NON-CONSENTING CHILDREN AND TEENS, than what two consenting adults are doing?

      Oh and how many of you ChristoFascist preachers who scream about homosexuality, eventually get busted in some kind of homosexual relationship or action? Far too many and that is what I think about most of you foaming at the mouth freaks. Most of you are closeted homosexuals and cannot deal with it.

      Oh yeah, and PornHub, the largest purveyor of porno on the internet came out with an interesting report for the last two years. The biggest consumers of gay porno on their website? Happens to come….ready for hypocritical drumroll….THE BUYBULL BELT.

      • Ah yes…and here we see that liberalism is a mental defect. Christians are calling for the murder of gays and lesbians? Surely you jest. Do you use oil? Gasoline? You know…bought from countries that actually KILL GAYS? Are you mad at muslims who actually throw gays from rooftops or stone them? Or do you just hate Christians because they dare to call your sexual sin what it is and demand you stop indoctrinating children? God calls you to repent from your sin and be saved and set free. Allah hates you and wants you dead. But yes…keep bashing Christians. And completely ignore what muslims DO. The disconnect is astounding.

        • Ah yes….and here I see an excellent example of reich-wing ChristoFascist mental defect.

          1. I do not drive. I haven’t driven for decades. I walk just about everywhere I go to. When I do have to use transportation? I either use a public bus, which is ran on ethanol mostly, or I have a friend who drives a Prius to take me. So while I use a little bit of oil? I guess by your driving, you support the murder of gays and lesbians by your use of oil.

          2. I am a straight person, unless you want to jump on the bandwagon and claim I am a homosexual, because I got raped by male priests and did not punch them in the face….kind of hard to do when they drugged me….but because I did not, that means I not only wanted it, I enjoyed it and I am a homosexual because of it right? But my girlfriends will tell ya, if I am a homosexual? I am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.

          3. Your gawd hates me and wants me dead too. Because I refuse to believe in your buybull bs. I refuse to believe that some sky daddy created the Universe in six days. I have studied your buybull. I find your gawd a blood thirsty, disgusting degenerate and psycho. I wouldn’t bow down and worship that scum even if it were real.

          4. As a survivor of priest rape, I report on all your disgusting, degenerates and scum who call themselves, priests, pastors and ministers, who rape children.

          5. Indoctrinating children? Who is indoctrinating children except for stupid theists. I mean you tell your children horror stories about how if they do not accept your Jewish Zombie Rotting on a Stick how they will burn in hell for all eternity. Now that is felony child abuse in my book. Talk about indoctrination? Yeah right.

          6. Oh I am not ignorant of what Muslims do. I speak out against them. I slam them and their Momo the Pedophile Profit all the time, even being threatened with death because of it. But I get the same threats by brainwashed, indoctrinated ChristoFascists, when I speak out against their evil they do in the name of their psychotic, blood thirsty, brutal religion.

          7. If your gawd sky daddy is real? He better beg forgiveness from me.

          Here is a list of ChristoFascist Pastors of your psychotic religion who are in fact, always calling out for the slaughter and murder of Gays, Lesbians, Atheists and others:

          Ron Baity, Scott Lively, Matt Barber, Steven Anderson, Rick Wiles, Tony Perkins, Sandy Rios, Bryan Fischer, Roy Moore, Mat Staver, David Barton, Lord Christopher Monckton, Chuck Norris, James Dobson, Ted Cruz, Rick Scarborough, Charles Worley, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Craig James, Steve King, Peter LaBarbera, Dr. Steve Hotze, Janet Porter, Franklin Graham, Linda Harvey, Tim Wildmon, Pat Robertson, Craig James, Penny Nance, Jerry Boykin, James David Manning, Tony Perkins, Donnie Romero, Robert Jeffress, Bill Federer, Gina Miller, Mike Pence, Joshua Charles, Glen Beck, Rafael Cruz, Phil Robertson, James Lankford, Randy Forbes, Gordon Klingenschmitt, Rena Lindevaldsen, Chad Connelly, Harry Mihet, Bobby Jindal, Greg Quinlan, Kamal Saleem, Ken Graves, Rusty Lee Thomas, Tom Parker, Flip Benham and his sons David and Jason, John Hagee, Matt McLaughlin, Andrea Shea-King, Cedric Hatcher, Gary Potter, Tamara Scott, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Michael Keegan, Reince Priebus, Randy Thomasson, Ben Carson, Dave Agema, Paul Crouch, Gaylard Williams, Richard Land, Jim Garlow, Peter Sprigg, Logan Robertson, Eugene Delguadio, Ray Lambert, Gary Cass, Terry Jones, Ray Comfort, Jim Bakker, Donald E. Wildmon, Gary DeMar, Paul Cameron, Tim and Beverly LaHaye, Curtis Knapp, Sher Zieve, Everest Wilhelmsen.

          And the ChristoFascist organizations also screaming for the right to murder others like Gays, Lesbians, Atheists etc:

          American Family Association, Christian Broadcasting Network, Concerned Women for America, Eagle Forum, Family Research Council, Heritage Foundation, Liberty Council, National Organization for Marriage, Abiding Truth Ministries, Faith & Family Summit, Faith 2 Action, WorldNetDaily, Alliance for Marriage, Family Policy Network, Operation Save America, People for the American Way, Generals International, American Spectator, Americans for Truth, Southern Baptist Convention, Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, Catholic League, Tea Party Nation, The Family Leader, Christian Defense Coalition, The Response Prayer Rally.

          Now how about Sarah, we take what ChristoFascist Matt McLaughlin just did with his ballot initiative he filed in California called the Sodomite Suppression Act, which would give the rights to ChristoFascists, to walk up to anyone they deem are gay or lesbian and blow their brains out on the street, or murder them by any other convienent manner, to save us all from the wrath of your psycho sky daddy….and design a ChristoFascist Suppression Act which would allow us to defend gays and lesbians, by blowing off the heads or kill in other convienent means, these ChristoFascists I just posted about?

          • Very well said. Thoe one thing you are missing out, how many ministers, pristes, and pastors have been killing children since the 15th century and deviding families and seperating children from their rightful parents since the 15th century, and how many innocent they have burned. and so on.

      • Dude, you are mentally ill. You need to geyt back on your meds. Wow, picking on Christians because you’re a coward and won’t comment on Islam. Typical liberal!

    • They have been very successful in creating what was once a sub-culture, now a counter culture. Today’s LGBTs created by Sex education in the schools are at first victims and second potential NAMBLA predators.

    • This is stupid, I don’t EVER remember reading in the bible that being gay is wrong. They need to know this stuff! I had my first crush in preschool! What if they get confused and scared? What if someone rapes or molests them and they’re to confused on what happened to tell you?! You guys should be ashamed of yourselves and I’m sure that God is ashamed of you guys too! God tells us to love and respect everyone and here you go bullying gay people and not educating your kids on rights and wrongs! They are going to find out about gay sex at one point and if YOU don’t teach them that sex is wrong soon enough, they might do it and not know what on earth their getting themselves into! You’re a parent, leave a good example for your kids! This behaviour is inexcusable! Even if it was a sin, why would doing this make you any better of a person? That is blasphemy itself! God has never said himself in the bible that gays are evil or sinners! Is any of that in the ten commandments? No, it’s not! God even said in the bible that he will stop punishing people for not doing what he wants. If you wanna be a bad person and a disgrace to the name of God, that’s great! Just leave gays out of it. You are responsible for your own actions, not anybody elses.

  2. “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.”
    If this is not the epitome of madness, I don’t know what would be. Along with madness, there has to be a good dose of stupidity.
    Parents need to get together and keep their kids out of school everyday until this crap is put to an end. Home schooling can produce some very smart kids……

  3. It is only Heterosexual…..
    All people who wants some kind of perverted sexual education shall be removed from office.

    • Seems you should be too since you stole that line from ” Miley Cirus” lol ” Shall be removed from office” hahaa.

  4. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” Isaiah 5:20. It is one thing to tell us Christians that we cannot bring our faith into the public eye but it is quite another to write policies and laws that directly require us to go against our faith or to abandon it. This country was formed for the sole purpose of escaping that kind of tyranny or oppression. And, like colonial days, it was only a small population of people who left England in this righteous pursuit….because “the road to destruction is broad and many find it, but the road to salvation is narrow and only a few find it. True Christians who take the bible literally knowing “all scripture is God breathed” (2 Tim 3:16) and know that homosexuality is sinful (2 Corinthians 6:9-11 …Romans 1…) are the minority. We will be persucuted. We will be treated poorly. We will be hated. All these things happened to Christ and as they happen to the teacher, no student is above the teacher. Pray. Don’t fight back. Just pray. Keep your children from attending these schools even if it means you have to go into hiding to keep from being arrested. GOD WILL PROVIDE! And if he does not, know that it is all according to HIS plan and you doing the right thing WILL BE REWARDED when you come gave to face with Him. Seek first righteousness and all will be given to you in due time….and if the state takes your children, you pray like never before. God got you this far, right? He can do the same for your children but you MUST let go and give them to God. Our God is not a prayer sponge incapable of action. In Genesis, it says he spoke and ordered stars to appear AND THEY DID! Our God is a star breather! Go look outside tonight and see the stars. Now…do u believe that the guy who could do that is not capable of protecting your children to make sure they wind up in heaven also? After all, that’s the ONLY thing that matters. Our God IS that big! My prayers will be with all b of you!


      • @Skin my dragon
        “Separation of church and state” has always been a severely misunderstood statement. Do you even know where that line came from? It was ONLY a letter written by Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist church, & the expression itself has even become warped. His exact words were, …”act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.” That means he was PROTECTING the expression & exercise of religion. But since theses were ONLY letters, & never officially written into the Constitution, it is absurd that people keep bringing it up to justify a “law” that never existed in the first place. Go back to school or brush up on your history before you try to justify something with incorrect information.

        • Well if that is the case I am sorry (not really) however this is the stuff that you and I both went through in basic High School history class. Alright so this is what you should have learned in your high school days and law classes for the meaning of Church and state.

          “Separation of church and state” (sometimes called the “wall of separation between church and state”) is a phrase that was used by Thomas Jefferson and others expressing an understanding of the intent and function of the Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. The First Amendment clearly places the restrictions solely on the state, and now some argue a more correct phrase would be the “separation of state FROM church”. Either way, the “separation” phrase has since been repeatedly used by the Supreme Court of the United States for such matters.

          Now in the “establishment of religion” clause of the First Amendment means at least this: Neither a state nor the Federal Government can set up a church. Neither can pass laws which aid one religion, aid all religions, or prefer one religion to another … in the words of Jefferson, the [First Amendment] clause against establishment of religion by law was intended to erect ‘a wall of separation between church and State’ … That wall must be kept high and impregnable. We could not approve the slightest breach

          So if I am wrong in my interpretation of the meaning then we you can stay on your side of the fence on the matter and I will stay on mine because it is foolish to listen to someone that won’t listen to you.

          Thank you for your time and also while I was verifying what you said I noticed some flaws your argument as for the bill of rights and the name of the hurch. Apparently if I have to go back to school for basic history then you would need for more than me because you actually represent people in a court of law judging by your title.

      • This is an ignorant statement. The founding documents; Mayflower Compact mentions God/Christian/Faith no less than 6 times, The Declaration of Independence (first official document of the US of A) mentions God no less than 4 times, the Articles of Confederation are witnessed before God (“The Great Governor of the World”) “in the Year of our Lord”, and the Constitution also ratified and signed “in the Year of our Lord”. In fact 29 of the 56 signers of the Declaration held seminary degrees. Of the 250 men considered “Founders”, that is signers and drafters of the founding documents, they were overwhelmingly Christian of several denominations, and the few who were the least religious are held up by critics to be “secular” were not secular, but held deep convictions of a responsibility to/before God.

        There is no “Separation of Church and State” found any where in the founding documents, except, as Jefferson pointed out, the 1st Amendment says “Congress shall make no law concerning the establishment of religion, or the free exercise thereof”. That protects the right of churches and individuals to hold, develop, and practice their faith unmolested and unregulated by the federal government, and the government may not prefer one denomination over the others (i.e. the Church of England was the State Church). This is what they wanted to avoid.

      • Wow Gary. Dude. Go do research before spouting such nonsense. Freedom to practice religion FREE OF GOVERNMENT OBSTRUCTION is in the Constitution. It is called the first amendment. “Separation of church and state” is found NOWHERE in our documents. Our country was founded for religious freedom.

  5. Someone needs to call the Virginia State Department of Education and the Fairfax school districts and tell them not to pull a stupid stunt like this. Then, VOTE SMARTER NEXT TIME FAIRFAX! Quit electing stupid school board members who think this is acceptable. Find out who you’re electing and NEVER vote for any member who voted for this nonsense.

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    • speaking of lawsuits, if children took lawsuits against many of the christian’s whom abused and molested and poisioned their minds with hate filled drabble, there would be no christina’s lining their pockets with money to spead more hatred or bigomy views against equal rights. you’re comment Bill Ford kind of shot yourself in the foot there.

  6. Wow all of u god worshippers are idiots. The great mother created us as equals. No one above or below one another. All her children should be loved for who they are. U people who are discriminating against their sexual preferences are bigoted half brains. Do u really think your “god” will send his children to hell for who he loves? Come on now. How many innocents has your “god” killed? I don’t believe in him for the bible is full of bull shit.. I hope my kids learn about this in school just not the sexual parts. i would prefer that waited until middle school or higher up in elementary school. But they can learn about the different preferences for a partner

    • you are an idiot. homosexuality is a mental disorder.BTW who the heck is the “great mother?” It is God to idiots like you.

    • I don’t think I’ve seen someone quite as confused, as much as a bigot or hypocrite as you (kat) in a long time. You first lash out at “god worshipers” when you refer to an entity right after as the “great mother”; a deity that used to be worshiped in the Middle East (& may still in remote locations today). Perhaps you should look up the definition of a “god” (which includes goddesses, fyi) before you start ranting about things that display your ignorance. You speak of bigotry so lightly that I wonder if you know what it means yourself (i.e. you speak of bigotry in the same paragraph that you slander others for their views & beliefs). SMH. Just because you don’t believe a particular view doesn’t give you the right to slander it; in return, it is the very thing you accuse others of doing to you or your belief. You are truly the bigot & hypocrite here.

    • So explain to me, how do you teach a child to accept different preferences, like homosexuality, without educating them about anal and oral sex??instead of teaching them that it is ok, which in reality is brainwashing them to think as you do,wouldn’t u do better to wait till they are old enough to understand sexuality, and then let them choose how they believe. So let’s say for arguments sake, you totally approve of homosexuality, but schools decided for your child, they were going to teach them it is an abomination, would u just sit back and let it happen?? For them to be taught that which goes against your beliefs because the school district decided that you are wrong. I don’t think you would approve of it either. All this stuff is what parents are supposed to decide what is best for their chhildren, to be taught at home, not in our schools. You can teach kids that we all have freedom of choice in their lifestyles, judge no one, but leave the sex stuff till they are older.We have the mainstream normal lifestyle, then there is all the other.U wanna teach all about LGBT stuff, why stop there?? Don’t forget SnM, bestiality, furby costume thingys, witchcraft and all the other mot mainstream deviant lifestyles out there. I would want to punch in the face anybody who tries to teach my 6 yr. old child that people put penises in their mouths or buttholes.

    • It’s okay grandpa, your generation will die out soon. Loving someone of the same gender as you is not a mental disorder. It saddens me that I still see people saying things like this in 2015.

      • There was a time loving a person of a different color was a mental disorder. It’s a different preference… Who cares?

      • Its okay Danny. Soon everyone with a moral compass will die out. Loving your sibling or your cousin or your grandma is not a mental disorder. Someday we will embrace ALL love–even incest. Any type of lust will be celebrated and speaking out against it will be verboten by the gaystapo. Soon we’ll embrace transpecies love as well. Its all about looooooove, amirite? So anything will go.

      • Do you hate rapists? Is that a mental disorder? Seems you gays hate Christians a lot. Is that a mental disorder? Or is it only a “mental disorder” when Christians speak out against perversion?

    • I have a question for you. In what way is loving someone and being happy in a way that doesn’t harm anybody a mental disorder? In what way is something that naturally occurs a mental disorder? Or if it is a mental disorder, what is to say it is bad? People with dyslexia are gifted with the ability to think in different ways.

    • Agreed… and don’t forget to add that they should only be taught the math “we” were raised on… not this “common core” load. 😉

      The funny thing is that it seems like the politicians are more worried about how much they can confuse our kids than teach them something. Yes… let’s teach the kids something they’ll inevitably see on TV (if their parents allow it) & omit the things they’ll need in life to succeed; because it’s obvious that social stature & lifestyles are more relevant that “2+2”. Or… let’s teach our kids that math can have 100 different ways of reaching the same goal, rather than teaching a simplified way, (which could be expanded on later; in other, non-core, classes), & allow them the ability to quickly solve mathematical problems without needing a piece of paper (or several extra seconds of “brain calculations”) to determine how many “tens” or “round numbers” it takes to reach a solution. 😉

  7. The totalitarian left not only requires one to agree to their position but also celebrate it,dissent will be prosecuted. Welcome to the new age. Shades of Germany 1943 or perhaps Stalinist Russia 1947? The indoctrination is on as Satan is moving quick as he knows his time is short. Jesus come soon with a flame thrower and put it right for the last time.

    • … I think it’s only unnatural to people aren’t gay. Which is probably why they are straight.

      It’s not rocket science man.

  8. So when they are about 12 to ask their parents : ” Mom, when I am grown up what is best to have – girlfriend, boyfriend or both? ” Very “smart” … no words for that!

    • Oh why not when they will get into college they are going to have sexual experiment with either the same sex or the opposite sex anyway on the matter to see what it is like. So why not give it a whirl and see what happens. Who knows you might like it. lol Anyway you can ask any girl (or guy) on the matter that has went into college and they will say that or when they were younger that they have thought about it or has done it or they were not interested in it. I have seen girls making out with each other while I was going to and from school while I was a kid and I did not bother me because i did not see what the big deal of it was. So kids are going to do it with or without your knowing of it until they get caught and someone makes a big deal out it over there kid being gay or lesbian or such because they were caught kiss the same sex or worse yet having sex.

      So what’s your point on the matter? So either they will learn about it when they are kids in an open friendly environment or when they are teens and adults and feel ashamed about it from today’s society. If you don’t believe me then reads some of these post on this article and read what they think. Take your pick on the matter there is no harm (or sin) for the kids to know about this kind of stuff now or when they are older.

      We are a group of Free Thinking People that are not narrow minded (For Some) and are open to the possibilities of the future.

      Either way this is geared for the narrow minded parents (People) and to raise a generation of more tolerant and open people. It really is not that big of a deal after all because most people let the schools tell there kids all about sex because the parents are to ashamed of themselves to talk to there own kids about these kinds of things anyway so why should this be any different.

      Well my ranting is over lol

      Chris O Cabel

      • -Smiles towards Chris giving both thumbs up-. Finally someone with an inteligent mind and open thinking, very well said Chris, I could not have said any better myself, and that I whole heartedly agree with what you have said..

        It is a lot better then teaching a children to hate or fear the very people that are there to help them and teach them as I have said a few times, of love and acceptance. and will benefit a child more greatly. then that of the opposite.

    • There are other states considering something similar.

      I haven’t checked lately to see if any have passed or are close to that point.

      • But Fairfax County is the largest public school system to adopt it to date. So it will be like textbooks-what’s ok in California and Texas the rest of the country has to go along with it.

  9. Read the article. This sort of thing just disgusts me. Kids that age don’t even THINK about sexuality or sticking things in whatever. Seeing things like this makes me glad I don’t have children, and if anyone needs proof the world is crazy look no further than this article…

    It’s not the state’s job to teach these things to kids. If the subject ever comes up and a child asks about them, it’s the PARENTS who should answer them. But then again, what do you expect in a country today where we have to bend over backwards to appease a bunch of… pardon my language here… pussies who get offended at every little thing under the sun and a country where many parents refuse responsibility for their children and prefer the state to raise them as long as they don’t have to get off their asses.

    • I wouldn’t want parents to answer their kids questions about it, mostly because some parents know 0 things about the topic. I think that they should have them teach the kids this in junior high

    • I have read the artical, and it is only teaching of love and acceptance, and teaching kids to understand about equality and love, there is nothing sexual about that at all. and kids are always thinking of lots of things when they are kids, even make pretend stuff that is fictional, and that parents does raise their childrens, schools are there to educate, and that is what this school is doing educacating, children, parents teach right from wrong and morality I know of many parents whom do, and one is christian and has two gay sons, and they are all full of love and accptance. So there for unless someone is at a childs house 24/7 with parents of all kinds, assuming solves nothing and only gets bad karma.

  10. As many of us predicted and warned… And of course the predictable lies were returned. “We don’t want to teach homosexuality to kids!” Those playing mental Shoots and Ladders bought the lie. Those playing mental chess were able to see the obvious next moves.

    And now here we are… with governmetn school mind rot for tots.

    Anyone approaching a child with this kind of vile drivel should share a prison cell with all the other child molesters…

  11. “Starting in Kindergarten.” STARTING. You really think they’re gonna teach little kids about oral sex? Morons.

    “Conflict resolution skills, respecting individual differences such as disabilities, ethnicities and cultures and mental health areas.”

    ^Where on earth in there does it say anything about anal or oral sex? What kind of school REALLY gives Health classes below middle or high school, wherein kids are curious and will find answers to their questions by any means necessary – including practice? We all know this. Middle school girls are getting pregnant, for christ’s sake. How about we NOT preach a 3500-year-old book that has nothing to do with modern education, a book that freakin’ outlines cutting a woman’s hand off if she grabs another man’s balls and squeezes when her husband’s in a fight (seriously, Deuteronomy), and think about it like rational adults with a modicum of common sense?

  12. **Begin Rant (lol)**
    (oh, & please note my comment at the very bottom of this “short story” about how much I care about replying). 😉

    It is like many things… it starts with an “idea”, then that idea or ideal is inspired, followed & carried out by others over time. Not all “ideas” take root, but this is how it has happened in history (with the fall / “dissolution” of many societies / cultures).

    “Free-thinking” (this doesn’t mean what most first imagine*) often has a foothold (a small place) in a lot of the ideals that are created, but are most often seeded / originated or warped by politicians; it is often just an illusion that it was conceived by the public. It is rare when there isn’t a hidden agenda for what appears to be a noble or logical concept. Take this topic (this page’s article), for example; I’ll explain something first, then come back to the ref. of this article. Several years ago Obama & his administration (inc. the puppeteers behind the puppet) were using the “govt. handout” card, among other unrealistic promises, to feed the nation a load to win the election (… twice). Since the administration has been getting a lot of heat for their mass build up of lies (numbers, actions & results they can no longer hide or “sweet talk” their way out of), their political agenda has changed in recent years; anyone who has paid attention to Michelle’s public speeches will easily see through her attempt to bring race & belief (inc. sexual orientation) to the table to try to stir misplaced sympathy — the agenda targeting intent is even more obvious when a person observes the crowd they’re choosing to often deliver this crap to (kids in school / college). This brings me back to the article on this page. It is likely (though not concrete) that this topic has gained new momentum due to those behind the scenes pushing it. Like racial sympathy (or any other leverage a politician can use), sexual orientation is a hot topic… & one that could easily be either used to target the people (to try & avoid peace between us), or used in a political war (or both):
    This is just another commonly overlooked (or ignorant) agenda… where a politician (or anyone who has hidden agendas & often lies to achieve them), will use race (inc. culture), religion, etc. as a means to stir up dissension & hatred between people to either gain sympathizers to their cause or to simply keep Americans from bonding together too closely on an idea/s (for obvious reasons). So… on the surface, many will offer & insist that they want peace / harmony or that they are working towards noble causes, but the moment they try to use anything that can create tension or hostility between people (i.e. winning sympathy for something), you know that there are other intentions at work. A true nobly-minded politician (or person) may lean or feel more passionate about one thing over another, but they won’t take advantage of people to work toward or gain it.

    *Free-thinking, in this instance, is in reference to a person who believes in an idea or ideal (blindly) over the accountability of it. In other words, this way of thinking is often impulsive & tends to act on thought without regard of personal or social (a whole) accountability for the thought or action.

    People often forget that the “political race” is more often a business venture than anything; politicians, rather “left” or “right” will often use pretty (alluring) & simplified words to express their supposed intent (but how often, especially in paper work & offices dealing with the public, is the govt. EVER “simple”). It sucks that it has to be this way, but since our nation (& world) is more political that most are aware, or will admit / accept, many happenings in our country are the result of something political**, even if it doesn’t seem that way on the surface (& it often doesn’t).

    **In the realm of politics I’m also including world economy (inc. big business) since it is also a large player in things. An example of this would be our president (no one in particular; Nixon, if you like), who has some degree of control over our nation’s economy & who has the power to help or hurt it. Approving good, annual budgets, regulating spending & supporting businesses (both small & large) would be a big plus… but, not caring about our budget, spending recklessly & over-regulating both the public & our businesses will hurt us; & like anything, it takes a LOT more time, work & resources to repair / recover from something (think of a FICO score) than it does to just keep it in place & check.

    And consequently… any who are offended by my choice of using our current administration in an example needs to stop pretending to have any (useful) knowledge on politics: Granted, my original reason was simply because it’s the current administration & most are aware of the current conditions. I’m sorry, but anyone who is still supporting our current administration has no clue about politics or statistics, & only listens to media or social networking sources for their opinion of politicians. It doesn’t take a lot of research to realize our current administration is both corrupt & has permanently ruined our nation. Just looking at the Federal Treasury reports will tell a person that; e.g. these are the reports that are still required by law, for now, to contain all of the data for our nation’s budget & spending for any one year (I’ve linked some below for anyone wanting to learn more). I know that I research more than most (inc. the treasury reports), but that is beside the point. Alternatively, for those who feel I might be a little off base here, there are numerous places in history that follow similar paths & trends to the direction our nation is heading now, (dating back to Alexander the Great, & even before; the Persian empire for example?). But now I’m just probably confusing the people who are only educated (or pay attention to) in current events, & have no idea how many times history has repeated itself, because the human race will never learn.

    **End Rant (lol)**

    As an ending note, I don’t subscribe to sites like these & care nothing about future comments on them. I say my “piece” then move on (sry, but my clients & students are more important than a debate that just goes in circles).
    As for those who hate my opinion & feel as though I’m wrong on all accounts & am just an idiot (etc., etc.), or just want to be a narcissist & point out all the grammatical errors they think I made during this “rant” (lol) / article to either dispute that I shouldn’t make comments like these if I can’t use “proper English”, or any other asinine reason… fire away!! Your opinion, ultimately, means exactly as much as mine does; either someone will agree or disagree… & even someone agrees with me, what does that accomplish other than the personal satisfaction that someone agreed (if I even bothered to check)? Opinions, rather positive or negative, on sites like these hold absolutely ZERO value. If I were in front of my class (or a seminar) & people knew who I was, while speaking, that might be different. But as it is, I don’t care to share my identity. So… as I said before… “fire away” if you hate me or my opinions & think (or “know”) it’ll make you feel better. 😉

  13. Now I see why they took prayer and the Bible out of schools, they’re freaks and want our kids to be freaks like them. I’m glade my kids are grown, I wish we could start our own schools with mothers and people who want to teach. Not freaks with an agenda.

    • They are people, flesh and blood, they are no different from any one else, and everyone has equal right to be taught and express love and acceptance as qouted in the bible. Thy love my neighbrough, and that they are teaching, teaching many everyday things including love and acceptance, and all the teachers at the school would be staight, that are just teaching what is intended by god and the bible that speaks of love and acceptance.

      • Love your neighbor does not mean sleep with your neighbor. You’re confusing lust with love. You keep talking about “love and acceptance” in the Bible but God is not accepting of sin. He says homosexuals will NOT inherit the kingdom of heaven. He says he HATES a lying tongue and also God speaks about what should happen to people who corrupt the innocence of children. He also talks that JESUS is the ONLY way to Him (the Father). Jesus said to go and sin no more. He didn’t say revel in your sin and attempt to normalize that which is an abomination. You really need to actually READ your Bible and not spout off nonsense. True love means concern for others. Knowing that homosexuality is a sin and sin separates us from a holy God who will judge us one day–how can I celebrate that which will condemn someone to hell for eternity? Because I love gays I will not pretend their lifestyle is just a different way to live.

        Loving your neighbor means speaking truth–because it is better to receive wounds from a friend than kisses from an enemy. It is NOT love to pretend someone can continue to engage in something God condemns and be alright with Him.

  14. If any of this helps ONE child to see the’re others out there like them and it is ok for them to be in this world(not ashamed to live). To show they are not alone, so be it. Knowledge is power. Why shouldn’t they be able to know what is out there? If parents are unable or unwilling to teach their kids then let the schools do what they can.Your sexuality is not a mental illness, it’s what you feel and who you are. I hope you are all blessed with children of a different sexual preferance than you. Then maybe you will be more accepting.

    • Know why trigonometry and physics aren’t taught in kindergarten? Because five year old brains don’t yet have a significant breath of knowledge or abstract thinking skills to handle those subjects. Little children have enough on their plate learning their abc’s, simple mathematics and sharing.

  15. This is hilarious. It’s pretty simple.
    Some kids have a mom and a dad. Some kids have 2 dads or 2 moms. Some kids only have one parent. Some kids are being raised by another relative. Some kids are adopted.

    The end.

    And kids absolutely should learn about all of sex In the eighth grade. Last I checked, homosexuals weren’t the only ones having oral and anal sex… Why wouldn’t you want your kids educated?

  16. This is disgusting that they are going to teach that.When we said the LORD’S prayer & the pledge of allegiance every day we did not have all the violence in the schools like we do today all they need to be teaching is the Golden Rule Do unto others they don’t need to teach pornography to tell someone not to bully someone else just because they are different.Personally I believe homosexuality is wrong according to the Bible BUT it’s not my place to judge someone else’s life BUT don’t force your lifestyle down my throat. Respect me & I will respect you even if I don’t agree with you.We will all have to stand before GOD one day and answer for ourselves how we lived.Again live & let live BUT don’t tell me I have to accept your lifestyle as right or that I have to expose my kids to it

      • Teaching tolerance is fine and I don’t think the parents objecting to the above measures would be making such a fuss if lessons learned were generally that everyone is different in this world and we need to be open to those differences. Kids aren’t likely to say “what differences?”, and to teach the above listed topics to children who should not even know such things exist is way out of line – and with no ability to pull a child out – is indeed shoving matters down one’s throat!
        What is wrong with people that anyone would want small children to be learning about topics that they have no way of understanding. Sexual matters should not even be on the minds of young people in those grades and it potentially plants seeds of confusion in those children.
        For gosh sakes – let kids be kids and keep them out of dialog that should be reserved for people who are of an appropriate age.
        We were taught to be kind to others plain and simple. We did not have to be told all these nightmarish things that we had no clue about. And guess what? When we were old enough to recognize all of these differences, we treated those people with kindness.
        This is the most absurd thing I have heard yet in this crazy world!!

  17. People used to live their whole lives never knowing or having to know about any of this. Now, children must be taught about everything, in graphic deatail, all of it, starting in kindergarten. We aren’t allowed not to know about this stuff, ever. We must think about it … continually. I mean, what kind of people would we be if we didn’t?

  18. Really think back at when you were all between say 5 and 12 years old. Those who are of my age group were likely protected from dialog about sex, sexual preference, and certainly options of how to have sex! When a child starts to see there is a difference in equipment between boys and girls, they are of course curious about that (remember playing doctor?), but they never knew what the equipment was for at such young ages and hardly spent any time pondering on it all.
    We had thoughts of Easter Bunnies, Santa Claus, playing with our toys or out in the yard and I am thankful to God that our parents knew that we should not be weighed down with all of this inappropriate information being imposed upon kids today.

  19. God loves all people, but he does not like all lifestyles. God created man and woman to unite in marriage. He did not create man and man or woman and woman, nor did he create man to change his gender. Any relationship that is not between a man and a woman is unnatural and a sin. Our families and marriage is under attack by Satan. Christians need to speak up and be certain that their children are only exposed to those lifestyles that create the relationships that God wanted for us. Children do not need to be confused with all of these satanic alternative lifestyles against the wishes of their parents and against their Biblical teachings.

  20. Just as with Hitler and the Nazi youth, take the young and use propganda to twist and warp receptive minds.

    Jesus was clear regarding God’s view of teaching the children to sin. Part of the reason for coming judgments is the corruption of the young and the killing of millions through abortion worldwide.

    Satan wants to rend you and your children, sifting you as wheat. He has special hatred for children, as his defeat came though Christ, the seed of the woman.

    Unless they accept Christ, false educators like this will have much to answer for when they stand before the Judge of all.

  21. Even animals can identify this.they need whole the comunity to be homosexul..human brain declining very very fast at present. I wiah they know how consciousness work within a humanbeing.

  22. No this country was founded on the separation of church and state so religion has nothing to do with this topic. Try again and people need to stop spending hate towards other people. This is a good way for people and kids to learn that. The bible also has a commandment saying love thy neighbor does it not so everyone needs to follow the 10 commandments after all

  23. At the end of the day … I don’t want my child learning about sex in kindergarten … I want my child to stay innocent as long as possible … This subject should be left to the parents and taught on a high school level in sex ed not preschool … They should be teaching money management, credit repair, taxes, self love, self acceptance, stress relief, anger management, yoga, how to build a computer, how to buy a house, etc. Sheeesh there are so much more subjects to cover in life … Life studies for success, how to be a million at, I can keep going. But sex at such an early age is not for school. They are exposed to it way to much as it is.

    • It clearly states they are adding oral and anal sex to the health curriculum… IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. When they learn about all the rest of it.
      There’s nothing wrong with teaching kindergartens about different types of families.

  24. I suggest you people in Virginia start looking into what vile creatures you are letting teach your children. Physically removing them would be a good start. Another would be looking closely into the background of the Superintendent Karen Garza.

  25. Seriously???!!!!!!! To teach children this in school? Teachers can’t teach Creation or the Gospel, but they can teach this without parents consent? This makes me so mad.

    • It was said years ago that books with a “moral to the story” or lessons to be learned would not be permitted either. And then of course there’s the Pledge of Allegiance. So clearly people today want to prevent the things that would influence children in a wholesome manner. What a world it will be.

  26. […] Not long after, sex education classes (which already contained much obscene material at increasingly younger ages) have been “updated” to teach children all about the graphic details of same-sex sexual activity in order to encourage children and teenagers to “try it out” as a normal part of sexual maturation. (See “Starting In Kindergarten Children Will Be Taught Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, And Transgender….) […]

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