States Quietly Move to Ditch the Electoral College

States Quietly Move to Ditch the Electoral College

Fox News Insider reported that nearly a dozen states have silently signed onto a plan to effectively ditch the Electoral College and instead, award the White House to the candidate that wins the popular vote. This is a move that is long overdue, and many hope will put an end to voter fraud as was evidenced in the Obama elections.


The National Popular Vote agreement would take effect if states that represent 270 electoral votes all commit. New York has most recently joined the efforts, bringing the number of states to 10 plus the District of Columbia. Altogether, they represent 165 electoral votes. Without the Electoral College, we would have had a whole different course of presidents.  This move puts the power back in the hands of We the People, where our Founding Fathers intened.

Since there is not enough support in Congress to change the Constitution and officially end the Electoral College, this plan would allow popular vote advocates to work around it.


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