Students Hate Trump’s SCOTUS Pick… Don’t Realize He Hasn’t Made It Yet (Video)


This month, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he would be retiring from the Supreme Court of the United States, giving President Donald Trump an unprecedented opportunity to nominate another conservative Justice.

Despite the fact that Trump’s decision was still days away from being announced, students at New York University unanimously condemned Trump’s pick, harshly criticizing the president’s nonexistent nomination.

President Trump has said he’ll name a candidate on July 9, but many students criticized the nonexistent nominee when asked for their opinion, Campus Reform Media Director Cabot Phillips reported.

Instantly, Trump’s political opponents began questioning the credentials of those who were thought to be on his shortlist for the position, Campus Reform reports.

The same sentiment was seen on social media from pundits and members of Congress alike — but what would college students have to say about the matter? Did they have substantive reasons for not trusting the potential replacement, or were they simply set on opposing any Trump nominee?

To find out, Campus Reform Media Director Cabot Phillips, headed to New York University to ask students what they thought about who Trump had chosen to replace Justice Kennedy.

“He’s quite extreme in his views,” said one student of the fictitious Judge.

“I saw it all over the news, that he’s like racist,” another student added, referring to the announcement that hadn’t yet happened.

“I saw the new nominee is like racist, and he’s starting a new wave of something very negative, and I’m really scared about the future and what choices he will make,” another pupil added.

When asked if she’d seen the online coverage of the event, one faculty member described witnessing “outrage… as it should be.”

What else did students have to say? Did anyone realize the decision had not yet been made?

The future of our country is in grave danger if this is the best we have to look forward to that college students have a strong opinion about something without knowing all the facts. Here they are strongly condemning someone in a position of great importance who has not been nominated yet.

I blame the Liberal teachers who interject their political views into the classrooms and feed these kids fake news about President Trump because as Liberals, they supported Hillary Clinton.

H/T: Campus Reform


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