Students Outraged Over Michelle Obama Banning ‘Junk Food’ In Place Of Healthy ‘Vending Machines’


America’s children are back at school and while many are reuniting with old friends, making new ones and settling into their new classes, many are not happy with their new vending machines. A new restriction that took place at many schools this year was a change in the content of vending machines thanks to Michelle Obama’s new healthy eating restrictions.

Welcome Michelle Obama’s ‘Smart Snacks’ ban on all junk food in public schools is now in full effect. On July 1st, the USDA launched the Smart Snacks Program into public schools, sending kids a message that they will eat what the government tells them to by banning all junk food in public schools.

This includes any junk food from vending machines, a la carte lunches or anything that can be purchased from the student store. You read that right: the days of kids using their own money to buy a Coke or bag of Doritos are long gone. Can you say “High School Junk Food Black Market”?

The activist left is setting the criteria that states: the family will not raise the child, the village will, and that village is the government. The right of parents to raise their children, feed them whatever they deem appropriate, and guide their education has been accepted as the mainstream standard for centuries. No government can replace the parents’ role in the loving and nurturing of a child, and yet, here they are.

Needless to say, many students were unhappy with what they saw:



As these pictures from the kids clearly show, banning junk food from schools does not keep kids from eating it. Perhaps we should try teaching them about making healthy choices, and setting good examples, rather than trying to force carrot sticks down their throats.


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