Summer Zervos’ Cousin Comes Forward And Drops Truth-Bomb On Accusations Against Trump (Video)

Summer Zervos’ Cousin Comes Forward And Drops Truth-Bomb On Accusations Against Trump (Video)

Hillary Clinton’s smear campaign against Donald Trump continues with a new accuser making false accusations. Summer Zervos, who competed on the fifth season of “The Apprentice” in 2006, appeared at a news conference on Friday with left-wing Hillary supporter Gloria Allred in Los Angeles, saying Trump made sexual advances towards her in 2007.

How convenient for Hillary that all these women are coming forward at a time when Wikileaks is releasing thousands of emails that show the depth of criminal activity that took place while she was Secretary of State.

Summer Zervos’ cousin came forward and dropped a truth-bomb on the false accusations against Donald Trump.


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According to Got News, Zervos was the very first of 18 people eliminated on the first episode of the season. She got herself fired after repeatedly interrupting Donald Trump.

Zervos’ teammates complained that she didn’t contribute anything to their project. Zervos only made one sales phone call then gave up — her job was to make as many calls as possible.

GotNews dug up the footage exclusively for you, folks. Watch below:

Trump fired Summer Zervos for stupidity:

After being fired and humiliated on national TV, Zervos was visibly bitter:

Zervos nevertheless claimed she admired Donald Trump:

She later went on to beg him for a job for many years and was continuously denied fueling her anger and resentment.

She didn’t claim Donald Trump acted inappropriately towards her in any way shape or form until now with only a few weeks before the election against Hillary Clinton.

And she just so happens to give her press conference with Gloria Allred, a left-wing feminist lawyer, Democrat fundraiser as revealed by WikiLeaks, and media stunt creator with a history of trying to sink male Republicans’ campaigns using female “victims” of various kinds, including the presidential campaigns of Herman Cain and Mitt Romney in 2012.


Yeah, right. Summer is looking to gain from being in the spotlight, but hopefully with her cousin coming forward to debunk her claim she will suffer the backlash she deserves.


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