Surveillance Video Goes VIRAL After It Shows What Police Officer Did With Little Girl…


A wonderful story of human compassion has emerged out of Utah involving a police officer and a 2-year-old little girl and the good deed went viral!

The officers name is Kevin Norris of the Orem Police Department and what he did shows that he has a heart of gold!

This is from the Orem Police Department Facebook page: 

Officer Norris was waiting to testify in a hearing when he saw a very rambunctious two year old waiting with her father (who also had a court case) in the lobby.

The father had a court case scheduled and was unable to leave the little girl at home. When it was time for his case to be heard he tried to take his daughter into court with him.

However, kids are not allowed in the court room for various reasons and the girls father didn’t know what to do. That was until Officer Norris offered to babysit for the man!

You’ll see from the court surveillance video that the little girl took to Officer Norris as he walked her around, getting drinks of water and treats from the Deputies at the front door. He pulled up some cartoons on his cell phone and the little girl climbed up onto his lap and she must’ve been worn out from all running around she had done because she quickly fell asleep on Officer Norris’ lap.

You can tell that Officer Norris is a father first and police officer second!

How awesome is THAT?

The video that has garnered over 1.6 MILLION views, 50,000 likes and almost 15,000 shares at the time we are writing this!

Our police officers have been so disrespected since Obama took office that it’s stories like these that we love to share with you. The vast majority of officers are wonderful people that have huge hearts.

Truth uncensored is determined to expose the good that our great men and women do to protect and serve Americans.

Kudos to Officer Kevin Norris and the Orem Police Department for all that you do!



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