Syrian Rebels Launch Rocket Attack On Rescue Helicopter ‘KILLING Russian Marine’ (Video)


Syrian rebels are going to great lengths to anger Russian President Vladimir Putin. A Russian marine was reportedly killed when Syrian rebels used an American rocket launcher to blow up a rescue helicopter searching for the pilots of a warplane downed by Turkey.


Nick Gutteridge and Leda Raynolds, Express reported:Russian state media reported that the marine was killed by fighters from the Free Syrian Army rebel group who shelled search and rescue teams hunting for the two stricken airmen.A stunned reporter broke the news – which will add to growing tensions between Vladimir Putin and Turkey – by saying it “couldn’t be any worse”.The shocking revelations come after the militant group released a video showing one of its fighters using an American-made anti-tank gun to destroy a Russian helicopter sent into northern Syria to rescue the pair.

In the disturbing film released by the Free Syrian Army a missile can be seen travelling towards the stricken chopper, which has landed in a mountainous area, before it explodes in a huge fireball. 

Moments earlier a single soldier is seen assembling a US manufactured TOW portable anti-tank missile launcher on a hillside before taking aim at the helicopter.


A narrator triumphantly gloats over the top of the video exclaiming “Allahu Akbar” – meaning “God is great” – as the missile hits and mangled wreckage from the craft is blasted into the air.

Earlier the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights said that the search and rescue helicopter had been forced to make an emergency landing after being shot at with a missile by Syrian rebels.

It was not immediately clear whether or not any Russian military personnel were in the helicopter at the time of the explosion. The shocking footage was posted on Twitter by an expert analyst in the Middle East but has not been independently verified.


Read the full story at Express.


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