Targets Transgender Friendly Policy ‘Men Can Use Ladies Room’ Causing THIS Backlash


Target’s transgender friendly policy allowing men who identify as women to use the ladies restrooms is causing them to suffer major repercussions.  Not only are they loosing sales due to people across the country boycotting them, their stocks are dropping at an alarming rate.


Breitbart reported  that the company’s second-quarter sales, from April to June, may drop as much as 2 percent compared to the prior year, executives told reporters and Wall Street analysts. That’s “horrendous,” said Jim Cramer, founder of the stock-market website,

The earnings prediction comes a month after the left-leaning company announced April 19 that it would allow men claiming to be women to use the women’s bathrooms and changing rooms at its stores. The decision has sparked a boycott petition effort that garnered over 1.2 million signers in only a week.

Target executives deny the pro-family consumer boycott is making a significant difference. But, according to, the business-news website,

“We have seen a noticeable slowdown post-Easter,” Target CFO [chief financial officer] Cathy Smith said on a call with reporters. Target’s CEO Brian Cornell, who was also on the call, blamed the slowdown on unfavorable weather trends in the Northeast and volatile economic trends.

Cornell also said the company has not seen a “material” impact to its overall business from the protests, but has seen some hit to sales in a “handful” of stores. He declined to quantify the extent of the hit, however.

According to the Associated Press, Target expected a sales growth in new stores to hit 1.6 percent in the first quarter, but only realized a 1.2 percent growth.

This week, the company announced a reshuffle in the executive office.

Stock-pickers are getting nervous about the company’s executives. “Target is now a question… because the degredation of Target from month to month to month has them confused,” said Jim Cramer, founder of “Apparel [sales] is not good, electronics is not good, the [earnings] guidance is horrendous,” he said.

Amid Target’s troubles, Costco and the Walmart company will likely gain, he said.

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  1. We stopped shopping at Target when they banned open carry in stores. It’s academic here in Chicago. But we stopped on principal. There are plenty of other stores that have just as good of pricing and product. We don’t need to go to Target ever, especially now that they are adding to their discrimination against gun owners and patronizing queers and perverts.


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