Teacher Caught on Camera Abusing 6 Year Old Gets 10 Days Paid Vacation



A teacher in Ohio has been given ten days paid vacation after physically assaulting a six year old little boy in just another example of why it is becoming more and more dangerous each passing day for Americans to send their children to public schools.

The kindergarten teacher’s name who assaulted the young child is Barb Williams. After a review of the incident she was placed on ten days paid leave, which in essence, is the remainder of the school year- off with pay!

Upon seeing the security video of what happened to their son, parents Anthony and Autumn Nelson said this:

“You can see where she grabs at his face; she slams him against the wall. We thought it was just a little incident that happened; you know that’s what the school made it sound like. All of a sudden, we get this video today and this is just outrageous,” Anthony said.

Autumn explained she “watched [the video] out in the kitchen and I just started crying. I burst out in tears. I called my mom, I called [Anthony’s] mom, I started calling everybody saying ‘I don’t know what to do.’

“He’s scared of her,” she said. “Even going to the school next year, even the year after he’ll still have to see her if she’s present in the building. That’s probably going to scare him.”

A string of female teachers molesting school children, and even giving them lap dances, has swept the nation in the past year with staggering increase. It makes one wonder what is going on in the U.S. public schools.


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