Teen Finds $15,000 In Parking Lot And Proves Honesty Is The Best Policy [Video]


A teenager just a few days into his new job proved that honesty is the best policy after he found $15,000 in a Fairfield grocery store parking lot. 


Matt Vela was on his 3rd day working at Fairfield Raley’s, rounding up carts in the parking lot when he found a bag in a cart. He picked it up and everything fell out including $15,000 cash.

Matt did not think twice, he took the money to his boss. Minutes later a woman called asking if anyone turned it in. It’s hard to say if anyone but Matt had found that money if she would  have been so lucky.

The report does not say if she gave him a reward, I would certainly hope so, but knowing the kind of young man Matt is, he would have refused it. 

Matt is studying criminal justice with the ultimate goal of becoming a police officer. 



  1. This fellow will have to prove that he is not in it for the pension and benefits. Does he plan to be a police officer in a “justifiable need” state?


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