Terrorists At Gitmo Receive Better Medical Care Than Our Veterans


disabled veterans

Last month, news broke of a ‘secret list’ at a VA hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Allegedly, veterans were being given fake appointment slips so that they would believe they had an upcoming appointment in the near future. However, those appointments were never actually scheduled by VA staff, and the veteran’s name was placed on a secret list. In all actuality, the veterans would not be seen for more than a year, and as many as 40 of those veterans died while they waited. When the fake appointment date came up, VA staff would call the veteran to reschedule, claiming a litany of excuses as to why the veteran couldn’t be seen. In truth, they were never going to be seen at that time anyway.

Only this week did U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama speak to the issue. He said he’ll not accept such behavior by VA staff if an investigation turns out that these secret lists do exist. As many as 26 VA hospitals around the country are currently under investigation.

Now, a stunning fact. Terrorists at Gitmo Bay in Cuba receive better healthcare than our veterans. According to this Fox News report, there are only 1.5 terrorists for every healthcare provider at Gitmo, while within the broken VA system, there are a staggering 35 veterans for every VA healthcare provider.

Something is wrong when you care more about the well-being of your enemy than you do those who fight for your liberty.

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  1. It must be one of those unpublished conditions for the continued use of the dollar to price petroleum. Watch me get disappeared for this.


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