Texas Imam Forced To Resign Over SHOCKING Comments About Donald Trump (Video)


Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is drawing wide spread support from not only Republican and Democrat Americans, but the African-American and Hispanic communities as well. This came as a complete shock.


Douglas Ernst, WND reported, that a Texas imam is unemployed because of his support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Nidal Alsayyed of the Islamic Society of the Triplex in Beaumont, Texas, told KFDM Fox 4 on Friday that backing Trump’s plan to temporarily stop Muslim immigration has cost him his job.

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“I certainly see it to be wise,” Alsayyed said of Trump’s plan, the network reported. “I believe the situation nationally is getting mixed up and certainly agree with Mr. Trump on closing the door until further understanding is achieved. This should not prevent the United States to fulfill its duties towards the international partners and humanity calls outside the United States.”

Trump has said a temporary halt in Muslim immigration is needed until U.S. elected officials can form a coherent strategy for combating Islamic radicalism at home and abroad.


“Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life,” the Republican front-runner said in a statement released Tuesday, WND reported.

Alsayyed said the billionaire’s policy proposal is in line with Islamic law because, “the loss of one life is equivalent to killing the whole mankind.”

“We are dealing with unknown people [who] are coming with different backgrounds,” the former religious director said. “The [intelligence] agencies are not able to figure out what’s happening. Why all of a sudden this guy or this girl or that lady open fire and kill 15 people? Because American Muslims are not doing their job in the country. So we need to stop. We need to stop taking new ones until we fix the existing situation.”

Alsayyed claimed 102 imams in the Houston area were recently fired and told to leave their mosques because they “did not go along with the political agenda for their board members.”

A board member of the Islamic Society of the Triplex told KFDM that it would release a statement on Alsayyed’s termination over the weekend.


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