Texas Rancher Fights Back Against BLM Land Grab ‘Your Deed From 1941 Is Worthless’


The BLM is after another landowner claiming that a deed that proves Ken Aderholt’s ownership of his land, which was given to his parents by the State of Texas in 1941, is totally worthless.

Ken Aderholt, a Northern Texas rancher says property that’s been in his family for over half a century is now suddenly being targeted for confiscation by the Bureau of Land Management.

“The BLM is saying we should have never had a deed to it. That Texas should have never produced that deed,” Aderholt said.


News Channel 6 reports:

Aderholt runs cattle on his roughly 1,250 acres in Harrold, Texas, along the Red River, which forms the border between the Lone Star State and Oklahoma.

Aderholt’s family has had a deed to the land since 1941, and he had hoped to pass the property and the family business on to his sons.

“They come down here a lot and play,” Aderholt told KAUZ News Channel 6. “They help with the cattle and help building fences. They are very interested in hanging round here and helping me out.”

But according to the Bureau of Land Management, the same federal government agency that confronted Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy in 2014, some of that land belongs to the feds, and they want the Aderholts off it.

Furthermore, the BLM claims the deed that proves Aderholt’s ownership of the land, given to his parents by the State of Texas, is worthless.

“The BLM is saying we should have never had a deed to it. That Texas should have never produced that deed,” Aderholt said.

The rancher concedes the BLM is entitled to land “along the gradient boundary,” according to KAUZ, which Aderholt says is dependent on “the way the water washes and cuts into different properties.”

But the BLM argues the real boundary lies a half mile inland from the river, which cuts into 600 acres of Aderholt’s land.

KAUZ reports the BLM’s efforts could leave Aderholt and his family homeless, as his “house is located inside the 600 acres the BLM wants to claim.”

Despite never bothering him for the last 70 years, the feds aren’t offering Aderholt an explanation for what they plan to do with the land.

“They could own it, they could turn it to the public, they could condemn it, they could sell it back to me,” Aderholt says.

“It is a land grab,” Aderholt insists. “As far as I am concerned, this is private property.”



  1. It is illegal for the US Government to own any land in any state other than a 10 square mile plot for the purpose of an Armory. Any land that the US Government was in possession at a time a state joined the Union, was legally transferred to the state. If the state sold or deeded any land to a private person the owner is now legally the private person. Even National Parks and Forest are legally owned by the state. The US Government can only use federal money to maintain and preserve these National Parks and Forest areas. Do not be pushed around by the Feds they have no claim nor own any land… They will lie and cheat so know the laws…

  2. I think Texas can take the BLM….if they got kicked out of Harry Reid’s state..Greg Abbott’s should tan a few federal hides

  3. Not to mention that the Sheriff being the highest Lawful authority in the County within which this land is located can just arrest the Feds for trespass within the county. And the Feds need permission from the Sheriff to enter the county from whichever direction. The feds are treading on “thin ice” and they know it. But they use intimidation tactics wherever possible. Tell them to take a hike.

  4. LMAO it didn’t work out in Nevada… So you idiots think Texas is the next best place to try? That’s our government for you…. They must really want a war before the end of 2016…


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