Texas School Teachers Advise Students On What To Say If Questioned By Immigration Enforcement


Teachers in Austin’s school district have taken to providing information to students on what to do if immigration enforcement agents arrive at their homes or try to question them, My San Antonio reports.

Education Austin, a labor group, has given 3,000 members multiple documents, including fliers with explanations of what to say, what not to say and what to do if an immigration agent wants to question students.

The members have been giving those items out to students.

The Austin American-Statesman reported that some students at the International High School in East Austin got the fliers. But, there’s no way to know how many teachers handed out the fliers or whether it was done during school hours.

No statistics were available about how many undocumented students are in the Austin school district.

The district does have 30,000 English language learners and about 1,000 refugee children in the school system.

The fliers come after Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez put in place a policy that ended blanket compliance with federal immigration detention requests for those in custody in the county jail suspected of being undocumented.

And, they come on the heels of immigration raids in several cities across the country.

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