The Bear is getting ready: Russian troops ordered home from war games


Should the globalist backed insurgents decide to cause more havoc in Ukraine, Russian President Putin is already lining his ducks up. The Bear is awake, and ready to protect it’s people and it’s interest. And now with Chinese backing, the west would be wise to heed the warning.

President Putin ordered his troops sent last week to a surprise military exercise in western and central Russia to return to their bases. The military drills in Russia’s central and western  territorial commands were launched last Wednesday and involved 150,000 troops, 90 aircraft, 880 armor, 80 warships and other hardware.

While Western powers may see the stance as aggressive and violating  international law Moscow denies the allegations, saying it’s  only concerned with protection of human rights in an unstable  Ukraine and with the fate of ethnic Russians living there.

By: Rev JC

Dislocation of Baltic Fleet infantry




  1. I want nothing to do with another WAR. We aren’t even out of Afganistan yet and there is no way we can take on russia or china let alone both. MIND your business and protect our borders and we will be stronger.

    • Instead of spending the billions of dollars for sending our military into other countries that don’t the hell want us, give that same money to all of our people here that are homeless or in foreclosure on their homes. THAT’S WHY THIS COUNTRY AND OUR POLITICIANS ARE SO FUCKED UP !!!!


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