The Establishment, the People, the eminent war pending;


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The Establishment, the People, the eminent war pending;

The “establishment” has been teaching/indoctrinating “common core” for decades, just not openly calling it common core. Our Schools and Governments even on the private and local levels have been infected with a tyrants mind set. The false authority they attempt to claim/enforce is not theirs to claim or enforce. The Schools, Courts, Military and Government belong to We The People, NOT elected/hired and paid public servants. There exist a “Maximum of Law” they have ignored, we have forgotten for generations. As Citizens, Natural born inhabitants of a land mass and Country known as united States of America, Parents, Children, Siblings and Patriots we must seek the truth and remind and force these truths upon the people whom are elected/hired to serve We The People. It’s our duty and responsibility to do so, we shall do this without fear, without the intent or willingness to compromise or negotiate. We shall not allow them to intimidate, we shall not be interested in their friendship. Only accept their loyal duty to serve, if they do not like this concept? They shall step down and relinquish their duties to those prepared to serve with honor, integrity and respect only, period.

I was raised to return things in better shape than when I found them. It seems we have lost our way and forgotten the lessons of our true American ancestors, The American Indian. If we care for our land, our land will care for us. Due to complacency and ignorance we have allowed the psychotic patents to take control of the asylum. The criminally insane (Bankster gangster parasites) are running our Country and the World. It’s time to take it back, if by force, if necessary. It will not be easy, it will not be pretty, blood will flow like rivers.

These psychotic parasitic predators will not relinquish their powerful positions without a vicious fight. Their libido dominandi is ingrained by and through generations of powerful control, fed by wealth stolen from hard working American Chattel and Chattel worldwide. They will use their well polished skills of Hegelian Dialectic to advance their Marxist goals. They will attempt to discredit Patriots by any evil means necessary. Be prepared to fight personal and public doubt, inflicted distrust on all levels of Troops, Command and Civilians. Prepare for a war of Biblical scale in proportions never witnessed by mankind.

Do NOT look for Leaders, be a Leader, be a responsible, honorable American Patriot with extreme integrity. Look to the Man/Woman/American beside you for strength, look to God if you’re a believer. Look to your Children and Grandchildren for inspiration. Let your conscious be your guide. Set your moral compass north. Set your miniscule differences aside and fight for a common Republic governed by Law. Read, understand and adhere to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the united States of America. These documents contain all the Law, remedies and methods we will need for this endeavor. God bless you, God bless these, the united States of America. Failure is NOT an option.

Now, go get ya some!

May 16th, Washington DC.
Be an American, be there, be prepared.

By Bill Bohart

“Non sibi sed patriae”
It is time to water the tree of Liberty.
“A Republic can only survive by its Patriots spilling the blood of tyrant predators.
[Bill Bohart]


  1. im glad people are starting to understand the truth about where the people and goverment stand.the people are the power and the goverments suppose to do as we the people wish since they are public servants.


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