The Left Melts Down on Twitter Over News of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Retirement


Nothing like good news for President Trump to hit that makes the Democrats and Left have a full blown meltdown. The Left did not react well to the news Wednesday of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s imminent retirement. His departure will allow President Trump to choose a new associate justice, likely replacing a swing vote with a conservative.

Kennedy, 81, has been a noted swing vote on the court with his decisions often determine the deciding vote on a court split 4 to 4 between liberals and conservatives even though he was considered a conservative, having been appointed by President Reagan in 1987.

Tommy Vietor, former spokesperson for President Barack Obama’s National Security Council, and co-host of the influential left-wing podcast Pod Save America, spoke for many in his party:

Others were a little more articulate, but no less upset.

So, when is Justice Ruth Ginsburg going to call it quits…

And others held out hope that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, would remain in her seat to keep the Court’s liberal minority at four members, with hope of adding to their number under a future Democratic administration:



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