The Predictability Of ‘Death By Obama’

You just can’t make this stuff up. Breitbart and Clancy, autopsies delayed just beyond the 5 days required for toxins to dissipate in the bodies. Now there will be no autopsy of Judge Scalia. A fiction writer would not be so audacious; it is just too far beyond belief to work in fiction.


Instigator News reports

Only in real life with real criminals at the helm of the nation and its investigative agencies does this seem normal. This is the Kingdom of Obama. They were dropping like flies just before Obama entered politics, thus his gay lifestyle was covered over. His life as a male prostitute wouldn’t surface because  former clients kept dying. No witnesses, because dead men don’t talk and if you are frightened enough you go silent.

How convenient…

Shakespeare himself wouldn’t think to weave a tale as brilliant in the colors of warp and weft that the life of Barry Soetoro and the layers of complicity and payola that form the fabric that this administration possesses. This is epic stuff. The tragedy here is that America has been played brilliantly by thugs and traitors who now run every agency of the federal government and threaten, intimidate, and pay off any who get in the way.

Or kill them…

The great fiction of American life today is that you can be anything that you want to be, that merit is how folks are judged, that the system is fair, or that Obama is an example of how anyone can rise to be the President from any walk of life. The truth resides in a bought-and-paid-for Presidency dependent on the oil money of Muslim Arabs, and the set up of the nation to “take it down” and rub the nose of America’s God in the dirt. That is how Muslims see it, and we’d better get used to what this is all really about. This is a contest of “My god is better than your God,” And each victory for Islam diminishes the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and produces pride in those who serve Allah.

There has never been a more crooked government in America, and it is a shameful thing that a good, moral and patriotic man has paid the ultimate price for his honesty and integrity. Justice Scalia is now with the God who loves him and knows the truth of every circumstance. It is to this God that the blood of the murdered call out to in a cry for justice, and He will one day provide just that for Barry Soetoro, who will not like where he’ll be spending eternity.

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1 Comment

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    Steven Ostertag

    February 16, 2016 at 8:53 PM

    Is it that there are better tests for shellfish toxins today than forty years ago?

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