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THE TWO CENTS RULE-TURN IN YOUR B.A.R. CARD CHALLENGE: Do you carry a B.A.R. card? This article is a challenge for those that carry one.


Article by: Rene’ Powers; Citizens Journalist and Co-host of Two Moms on a Borough radio show/WTRU Radio August 30, 2014 at 1:15pm

In the last few years I have been witness to , and victim of, B.A.R. carrying individuals harming people rather than helping them. This includes judges, Attorneys, Attorney Generals, District Attorneys, Magistrates and many other Public Servants. All of these entities in positions of power that carry a B.A.R. card while saying they represent We The People are at conflict with their loyalty.

B.A.R. Card holders have asked for money to represent people before doing the job and then when the case or job is over we end up scratching our heads wondering what happened, or in the middle the money runs out and then so does the card carrier. We find out that shadow dockets, shadow cases and anchor files are used behind the scenes and bonds are shared like candy after cases end, but not with the people harmed, the card carriers divvy up the bond funds. Are there good members of the B.A.R.? Most would answer yes, but we have to look at what the card means. It means a FOREIGN AGENT.

Many are confused as well with the titles attorney vs. lawyer, they are not the same.  The lawyer is an adviser, an educated counselor, where an attorney takes his authority from the governing entity who transfers tenants rights, the title and all allegiance to the government. If a B.A.R. card is in hand then so is the foreign status.

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This article is to challenge all who carry a B.A.R. card to turn it in. I am not saying give up your trade, but trade the foreign status in! Keep working, but work for the right people. Turn that card in and stand on the Constitution, representing We The People. This challenge is called “The Two Cents Rule-Turn In Your B.A.R. Card Challenge”. Give your two cents, give up that B.A.R. card and show that the judicial system must have a clean sweep. You cannot serve two masters and We The People should be the true parties represented.

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Is this challenge hard? Is giving up your card hard? Is selling America down the river worth maintaining that Foreign Status?

I do not know the answers, but do have many questions. We all need to start asking questions and holding those around us accountable to the truth. We can no longer white wash the truth, a B.A.R. Card is not representative of We The People.

We have many Patriots being harmed by Public Servants and the Judicial System. We need to see representation for We The People NOW more than ever. Are you willing to take this challenge?

We would love to hear from the Card carriers willing to take this challenge and start making the change we need in the Judiciary and our country. I’d love to see videos of cards being ripped up rather than ice buckets being poured over heads! The elephant is in the room and we all see it! My fear is we won’t see this challenge taken seriously and if not then it is up to We The People to lead the way, clean out the judiciaries.

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There is a Plan of Action. 

We must get Common Law Grand Juries active and we need you all to step up and step out of the Foreign Status.

Here are some excellent links to read regarding the B.A.R. and the unconstitutional actions of the judiciary. Thank you Thomas Mick, John Darash and the author unknown on the first link. The Pioneers of this journey back to our Liberties are truly our hero’s.

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Exclusive permission to re-post obtained by Bill Bohart from Rene Powers, Thank you Rene.

“Non sibi sed patriae”
It is time to water the tree of Liberty.
“A Republic can only survive by its Patriots spilling the blood of tyrant predators.”
[Bill Bohart]