They’re Still Coming! ‘Caravan’ Tells CNN They’re All Going To America (Video)

They’re Still Coming! ‘Caravan’ Tells CNN They’re All Going To America (Video)

When a CNN reporter asked members of the caravan where they were going she was shocked by their answer…

CNN’s Leila Santiago, who has been covering the immigrant “caravan” that has been moving through Mexico towards the United States in recent weeks, asked the travelers Monday where they intended to go. All who answered indicated that they were still going to the United States to seek asylum.

The media had reported that Mexican officials broke up the caravan, which consists of upwards of 1,500 refugees, mostly from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, that none were going to continue to the U.S. border.

Santiago first claimed that many of the migrants would stay in Mexico, but when she asked those on the bus where they would go, she got a different answer.

“They are fleeing violence from gangs that are controlling the areas in Honduras, Guatemala, El Savador, where they live,” she said. “Many of them will stay in Mexico.”

 They did not back up her claim.

“Who will stay in Mexico?” she asked the bus in Spanish.

 None of the migrants raised their hands.

“Who will go to the United States?” Santiago inquired immediately after.

 While most raised their hands, others did not answer.

Known as the Viacrucis Migrante 2018, the caravan began on March 25 in the state of Chiapas and was planning on requesting refugee status from the U.S. government.

In a statement on their Facebook page they “denounce the continued attacks by the United States government on the asylum system and require fair resolutions to their asylum applications”:

For Immediate dissemination
Stations Guadeloupean migrants
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, November 10, 2017

After climbing the border wall in an act of protest in mexicali and causing a call and ‘tension’ for American Migration, the spirit and the struggle of the stations guadeloupean migrants is still alive in Tijuana, where approximately 50 members of the Caravan is preparing to apply for political asylum in the United States by surrendering into collective action this weekend.

Backed by dozens of other members of the caravan who wanted to continue to support their partners, a voluntary legal support team, and a variety of allies in the fight for justice for migrants, the caravan asylum seekers will march to the Pedwest San Ysidro this Sunday, November 12.  After crossing approximately 4,000 kilometres of Mexican land in the last month, constantly raising their voices for fair treatment for the migrants, the stations will once again speak in support of the right to migrate freely.

In the face of United States migration officers, the 50 Asylum-seekers will their right to seek protection as refugees, will denounce the continued attacks by the United States government on the asylum system and require fair resolutions to their asylum applications.


Fleeing from dispossession in our countries of origin, we denounce the transnational system of denial to the protection of the and demand a fair asylum system.

As we already live in the repression of the south border plan, we condemn the persecution, criminalization and militarization of this programme and we demand a high stop. With the awareness that our strength in numbers made us able to defend ourselves from several threats during the caravan, we demand free and secure transit for all migrants. As one of the asylum seekers said, the stations guadeloupean is, ” fight for migrants to pass through Mexico freely and without the need for a caravan. ¨

We declare ourselves in solidarity with all our migrants. We denounce the racist and discriminatory immigration control system. We will continue to fight for the fundamental right to migrate.

Migrants of the stations guadeloupean

They can give their list of ‘demands’ to another country because President Trump has made it clear that our borders are no longer open to illegals. They need to apply according to our immigration laws like the thousands of others who have been waiting to become citizens.


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