This Simple Image Should Clear Up Any Of The Media’s Delusions About Hobby Lobby


Since news of the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby case broke, critics have been bashing the company for refusing to provide birth control to its employees.

Traditional media have been posting headlines blasting Hobby Lobby for denying its employees contraceptives or birth control, those allegations are false. While the ruling could have implications affecting birth control coverage from other companies, that is simply not what Hobby Lobby fought for or achieved.

However, this is extremely misleading, and this image from The Daily Signal explains why:


Hobby Lobby President Steve Green explained in an exclusive interview in March, that’s not the case.

 We do not have a problem with contraceptives. … There are 20 that are required [under Obamacare] and 16 of them we provide. So that is not the problem. But there are four that can terminate life. And those are the four we cannot provide.’

For Hobby Lobby specifically, this case was never about birth control but, rather, abortion – an action which 58% of Americans believe is wrong.

Then again, it’s a whole lot easier to wage a “war on women” when you say a company refused to pay for birth control than to admit they are wrong.



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