Three White House Staffers Identified As Leakers OF Classified Information


Trey Yingst, Chief White House correspondent for the One America News Network, reported on Monday that three sources of the leaks that have been coming out of President Donald Trump’s White House have been identified.

According to Yingst, three staffers have been identified and referred to the Office of Government Ethics for their role in leaking information from within the White House. Leaks to the mainstream press have constantly plagued the Trump administration in its early days, with opportunely time leaks undermining key administration efforts, Breitbart reports.

Yingst claims his source informed him President Trump will fire “multiple people” on his return to Washington from his landmark foreign tour through the Middle East. It was implied criminal prosecution may also be on the table for those responsible.

Disclosing classified information without authorization is a crime. The Office of Government Ethics is not itself a prosecutorial body but may, if it is determined criminal acts have been committed, recommend the staffers’ referral to law enforcement or other disciplinary sanction.

Breitbart News could not immediately independently confirm the OANN report.


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