To Prevent School Shootings, These Teachers Are Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands


While politician’s continue to debate and argue about the problem of violence in schools, the Missouri legislature decided to do something proactive to address growing concerns, and passed laws which would allow teachers to carry guns in school.

Ten Missouri school districts have taken advantage of the new laws and sent staffers to a training center called Shield Solutions to receive five days of firearms training. Law enforcement officers trained teachers and staff members how to use a Glock 19 semi-automatic pistol, The Kansas City Star reported.

For a fee of $17,500, two staff members from each district are receiving the training they’ll need to react quickly, and efficiently in the event of a school shooting . Their identities will be known only to school administrators and local law enforcement, serving the same way air marshals do.

The program does not come without its skeptics. G.A. Buie, President-elect of the National Association of Secondary School Principals, says the program “could not be more wrong-headed.” Via Kansas City Star:

“We would be asking school officials, trained as educators, to make a quick transition from teacher to SWAT member, arrive on the scene, assess the situation, overcome the severe nervousness that naturally accompanies a deadly force incident and take immediate action before blood is shed,” Buie said.

“It’s a bit more than you can cover in a typical teacher in-service.”

But proponents of the program say it’s a good first response solution until police can reach the school and take control of the situation. Having anonymous teachers in place would greatly deter potential shooters from entering a school and possibly save lives.

Volunteers in the program include administrators, teachers, and coaches. Those interviewed say it’s a matter of incredible importance, with one teacher saying, “These are my children.”

“Gun-free zone” signs might seem nicer to the liberal gun-control crowd, but they won’t stop a shooter. The school districts’ utilization of this training could save lives, and we applaud the volunteers and Missouri legislature who are taking proactive steps to protect our children.


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