Tom Brady, Deflated Football: It Is Not About The Pig Skin, It’s FOR PROFIT!


This Tom Brady deflated football drama is pure nonsense. It is nothing more than an NFL publicity stunt to make more post season money, it is all about PROFIT, money in the millions of dollars, FOR PROFIT!

This is all drama manufactured by the NFL to gain public attention over a mute point. Millions of dollars are being made off of the ignorance of the general public, follow the money folks, $$$,$$$,$$$.$$.


I call “BS” on the entire “publicity stunt” by the NFL. It, the NFL is looking more and more like the WWF everyday, FAKE!

Tom Brady, guilty of knowing or not, I don’t see the advantage of a deflated football. I played the game for 10 years. I am not an expert by a long shot, however I believe my knowledge and experience qualifies informed comment, I’ve handled a flat football once or twice. I only see disadvantage with deflated pig skin. Normal ready football internal pressure is 8~12 psi, this 4 psi represents a HUGE diffidence in the performance/handling of a football. Any internal pressure below 8 psi is considered “flat”. VERY noticeable and undesirable/unplayable football condition.


NOTE: Playing with a flat football or deflated/under inflated football is exactly the same as driving your car on a flat or deflated/under inflated tire. THINK about it, not a desirable condition is it?

The fact is, the lower the pressure, the worse the performance/handling:

FIRST, the Kicker would note the difference right away. A Kicker will not kick a flat football, trust me, the kicker checks the ball before every kick. That properly inflated football is his (the Kicker’s) ASS, reputation and career on the line, again huge dollars in contracts.

Second, NFL Official’s handle that/those ball/s between each play. It would seem, one of the on field NFL Officials (Referees, the guys in the jail shirts. fitting don’t you think?) would have noticed a deflated ball and called for a correction, or new (ready) game ball. An experienced NFL Official can “feel” deflation with a simple “squeeze” of the ball.

If anyone should stand punishable, it is the NFL and the NFL on field OFFICIALS who turned a blind eye to the alleged deflated football/s in play. This is a “SUPER BOWL” GAME! We’re talking HUGE money here folks.

Tom Brady has a fairly accurate arm, he doesn’t need a deflated football to complete a pass. As for the Pass Receivers, no advantage whatsoever from a “flat” football. The whole thing is BS, a fake publicity stunt. Follow the money, MILLIONS are being made right now, and the season is over. THINK PEOPLE, THINK!!! You are being duped once again.

Keep an eye on the upcoming appeal… (

It is time to water the tree of Liberty.
“A Republic can only survive by its Patriots spilling the blood of tyrant predators.
[Bill Bohart]


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