Tom Fitton: “You Can Bet” Obama Knew About FBI “Informant” Spying on Donald Trump (Video)


Judicial Watch founder and president Tom Fitton appeared on Fox Business Network Thursday afternoon to discuss the Deep State spying on President Trump’s campaign and Transition Team.

Fitton said that Barack Obama knew about the “informants” (spies) inside the Trump campaign and there is indication he was directly involved, as emails eluded to the fact. They are standing by their justification that they did it by the book, but of course nobody buys that.

Tom Fitton: All of these Democrats, all of these Obama officials are confirming, they were running an informant, running a spy inside the Trump campaign… The Justice Department has been undermining the oversight of Congress repeatedly over the past year. A Republican Justice Department attacks Devin Nunes and his oversight repeatedly and I guarantee you they didn’t give him enough information today. There are still documents they’re withholding.

FBN reporter David Asman: Could the FBI have implanted this person within a presidential campaign without some kind of approval or at least knowledge by a sitting president which was Obama?

Tom Fitton: The president was briefed on the dossier. You can bet he was briefed on this operation against the campaign, especially given its sensitive nature. And President Obama should disclose what he knew about that.

Watch the video posted by Fitton on his Twitter page.

On Thursday, former White House spokesman Ari Fleitcher said the same thing – that Obama knew about the spying on Trump.

The GP reports:

Former White House Press Secretary for George W. Bush, Ari Fleischer broke down why Obama must have known about the informants spies planted in Trump’s campaign.

In fact, Ari Fleischer says Obama AUTHORIZED it.

He dropped this bombshell…

BREAKING: Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer said “I guarantee the answer is yes” to whether Obama knew Halper & others were deployed to spy on Trump campaign. Fleischer explained that no FBI director would put informants inside a presidential campaign w/o the president authorizing it

On Wednesday, President Trump was asked if President Obama knew about the spies inside his campaign. Trump said it was likely he did. Wow!

Reporter: (inaudible)

President Trump: Well I don’t want to get into it yet but I will tell you after we look at the proof…

Reporter: President Obama?

President Trump: Would he know? I would certainly hope not. But I think it’s going to be pretty obviousafter awhile.

And that would make it the biggest political scandal in US history. Barack Obama has a legacy after all!

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