Transgender Antifa Talks, Behaves Like Man Until Victim Throws Counter Punch (Video)


A viral video this is making the rounds online shows what appears to be a transgender Antifa member attacking a conservative videographer.

The Gateway Pundit identifies the Antifa member as “well known Portland area protester and transgender female” Lucy Elizabeth Smith and the videographer as Demetrius Cooper, who runs the YouTube channel ‘Airliner World & More.’

In the clip, Smith can be seen marching up to Cooper and shouting, “we got nothing to f*cking say to you. We got no use for you. Get the f*ck away from our march. You don’t want me to make you! Trust me!”

“Make me,” Cooper responds. “I dare you to make me move. “What the f*ck are you gonna do? You guys talk so much sh*t about me online, you ain’t done sh*t yet.”

Smith, spotting YouTuber Leo Stratton with his camera out, states, “if that camera wasn’t there, I’d be knocking your a** the f*ck out!”

The two exchange a few more words before Smith throws a punch that accomplishes absolutely nothing.

“Is that the best you got?” Cooper retorts, launching a punch of his own that catches Smith square in the face.

Cooper proceeds to take Smith down, pounding “her” UFC-style as “her” Antifa associates pry him off.

One can be heard shouting, “get off her!”

See the clip for yourself below (caution language).

According to Oregon Live, a woman by the name of Lucy Elizabeth Smith was previously arrested in Portland while disrupting traffic during a protest of police.

“She” faced a second-degree disorderly conduct charge in connection with the incident.

In another incident, a “woman” resembling Smith can be seen putting a man in a choke hold while a fellow Antifa steals his glasses.

Cooper and Stratton are no stranger to protests themselves; their YouTube channels reveal a number of videos highlighting Antifa violence at Portland rallies.

Here’s a clip from Stratton showing an Antifa member wearing a Pokemon costume uttering death threats.

Here’s a clip from Cooper showing an Antifa man attempting to run from Homeland Security, only to be tackled.

Oregon Live
The Gateway Pundit

Photo:  Bing


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