Trump Calls Out Race Baiting ABC News Reporter Tom LLamas [Video]


ABC Good Morning America reporter Tom Llamas has decided that the term “anchor baby” is offensive and went after Republican frontrunner Donald Trump saying “people find that term offensive,” to which Trump responded, “you mean it’s not politically correct.” 


Breitbart John Nolte reported that with his hysterical gotcha attacks over the use of the innocuous term “anchor baby,” ABC News reporter Tom Llamas has become the left-wing network’s race-baiter-in-chief this week. On top of being a race-baiting grandstander, Llamas has exposed himself as a propagandist.  No one working for ABC News has heckled Hillary Clinton in this way,

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, one of two GOP candidates Llamas has attacked, took to Twitter Wednesday night to publicly call out Llamas out for his dishonest reporting, and in doing so showed once again why he is the frontrunner: 



Here’s “journalist” Llamas telling Trump how to speak… 

Here’s “journalist” Llamas telling Jeb Bush how to speak…

Llamas does not see his job as reporting the news but to create news, and only does so by hurling left-wing talking points that create sound bites for Hillary Clinton.

We are deep in fascist “1984” territory here. If you’ll note, Llamas did not have an alternative term foir “anchor baby.” This isn’t about offense, it is about killing the debate, aiding Democrats, and narcissistic grandstanding.

Democrats sure got it good.


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