Trump Faces REBELLION From More Than 267 Mayors Over Paris Climate Accord


There is a movement forming against President Donald Trump from a United Nations-backed group calling for U.S. cities to rebel against him for pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord – and it’s quietly becoming a huge success.

ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability, was founded in 1990 as an international network of local and regional governments committed to “sustainability,” and is rounding up support for a massive resistance movement by American cities in which they would defy Trump and stay in the climate accord.

So far, at least 267 mayors and governors have signed an open letter sent to the “international community and parties to the Paris Agreement” stating their intent to remain in the Paris climate deal, regardless if President Trump supports them or not.

Basically, what they are saying is, ‘screw the federal government and President Trump.’

According to WND, “They are the radicals,” said Patrick Wood, an Arizona-based author, economist and expert on global governance. “They are the more aggressive mayors. Many are the early adopters of this radical climate policy.”

Not only are they defying the president, they are putting pressure on other cities to join their rebellion against him.

“They were presenting this year at the U.S. Conference of Mayors,” Wood said. “They are the operational side of evolving cities with sustainable development, ducking cities into sustainable development policies. They set the policy or strategy at the U.N., but then someone has to go and do it, carry it out, the tactical side – that’s ICLEI.”

An article was featured on ICLEI website titled “How your local government can support the Paris Agreement” that gives instructions to local officials on how to defy Trump’s pulling out of the Paris climate deal.

The slogan they are using is “Declare that ‘We Are Still In,’” says the ICLEI statement on climate change.

“Mayors, council members, county supervisors, and other elected officials can join more than 1,300 others and sign your name to the Open letter to the international community and parties to the Paris Agreement from U.S. state, local, university, and business leaders to declare that your community supports the goals of the Paris Agreement.”

ICLEI is also encouraging mayors to join their delegation to an upcoming global summit on climate change called COP23.

“While the U.S. national delegation withdrawals its voice from the international climate dialogue, ICLEI will continue to represent local governments in the process,” it states. “Local elected officials interested in joining ICLEI’s COP23 delegation in Bonn Germany this November may express interest in credentials by emailing Executive Director Angie Fyfe at [email protected] Organized by ICLEI, and co-hosted by the City of Bonn and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia at COP23, the Cities and Regional Pavilion is open November 9-14, with the Leaders´ Summit will take place on November 12.”

Bill Clinton Leading the Charge 

As if the rebellion of city officials against the president is not shocking, and unprecedented enough – leading the charge is none other than Bill Clinton.

WND reportes that Clinton was a featured speaker at the annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors on June 24, and he used part of his speech to incite a backlash against Trump’s anti-Paris climate stance.

Clinton applauded efforts by many U.S. cities to embrace the Paris climate deal even as Trump has abandoned it, but he cautioned words mean little without action because “the water’s going to keep rising.”

Pittsburgh has more than 13,000 clean-energy jobs, and rooftop gardens are becoming a local industry in New York City — proving the transition to sustainable living is good economics.

“I think this is something mayors can talk about with facts, not rhetoric,” Clinton said.

Pushing to the left

ICLEI has been pushing U.S. cities to the left on the political spectrum for years, says Wood.

“Bill Clinton originally helped the U.N.-connected ICLEI get established in the U.S., and is leading the pack in pushing cities to personally adopt the Paris Climate Agreement in spite of Trump’s rejection,” he said. “This divide-and-conquer strategy will further shred the Constitution.”

ICLEI tells its members to monitor and track carbon emissions and to “report findings to a global platform.”

This can be made more efficient by installing a “leading emissions-management software platform used by hundreds of U.S. cities to track GHG emissions and plan for reductions,” states the organization on its website.

“Talk about an end-run around national sovereignty,” Wood said. “Here you have cities tracking and monitoring everything their citizens do and reporting it to the United Nations or some other global body.”

Wood continued: “Clinton is fanning the embers of the ICLEI-United Nations agenda. He addressed U.S. mayors and gave quite a speech that was full of factual misstatements, which Clinton is known for, but he completely got behind ICLEI’s efforts to subvert the Constitution and get more mayors involved in foreign policy.”

Wood said the Logan Act prohibits mayors, governors and other non-federal officials from signing agreements with foreign governments, and Gov. Jerry Brown of California is pushing the limits of this prohibition in the deal he signed recently with China.

“We used to complain that is was the federal government that was subverting the Constitution,” Wood said. “Now we are also getting this sort of grassroots, bottom-up subversion.”

It would appear that in defiance of President Donald Trump, cities are leading the way to the ‘new world order’.

What the United Nations and Democrats do not want the American people to know is that the United States contributed $1 BILLION to the global Green Climate Fund, but the world’s top polluters contributed nothing.

China, Russia and India contributed no money to the Green Climate Fund, yet the international community pressured the U.S. to sign onto the Paris Climate Accord and Obama was only to eager to comply.

Steve Forbes said that the billion-dollar payment is another reason why President Trump was smart to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris agreement.

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