TRUMP Gets 10,000 In Bethpage – Cruz Gets 100 In The Bronx (Video)

TRUMP Gets 10,000 In Bethpage – Cruz Gets 100 In The Bronx (Video)

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump crushes Ted Cruz in Bethpage New York.  Donald Trump delivered a rousing speech to thousands on Long Island on Wednesday night at a Bethpage rally as he pledged in a rousing 37-minute speech — punctuated with several “I love you’s” to the crowd — to defeat ISIS and bring jobs back from countries where U.S. companies have relocated.

“I love the Mexican people. I love Hispanics,” he said. “They’re unbelievable people.” But too many companies are moving to Mexico and other countries, Trump added.


The Gateway Pundit reports 10,000 supporters lined up for hours to see Donald Trump in Bethpage, New York.
Trump was joined by daughter Ivanka who had a baby just 5 days ago!

Meanwhile Ted Cruz held a rally in the Bronx today.
100 people showed up including a dozen voters.

cruz-bronxThe New York Post reported:

There are more than 1.4 million people in the Bronx — but Ted Cruz couldn’t even muster 100 at a campaign event in Parkchester with state Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., a conservative Christian minister.

Cruz visited the Sabrosura Chinese-Dominican restaurant, where Diaz said the presidential candidate could “listen to the social, economic and spiritual needs of our community” while dining with other clergymen on the eatery’s famed fried rice and plantains.

Aside from about 70 ministers affiliated with Diaz, only a dozen voters turned up — and two of them were tossed out after screaming protests about the Texas senator’s hardline stance on immigration.

Welcome to New York City, Senator.^tfw

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Listen to Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s Full Speech:


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