Trump Looking Forward to Next Week’s Debate ‘Who Knows What I’ll Do’ [Video]

Trump Looking Forward to Next Week’s Debate ‘Who Knows What I’ll Do’ [Video]

During a discussion on “The Five” about Donald Trump’s 2016 surge, Eric Bolling shared a sneak peek of his “Cashin’ In” interview with Trump, which will air Saturday at 11:30a ET.


When asked about the upcoming Fox News Republican presidential primary debate, the current GOP front-runner said he’s looking forward to the event, even though he’s not an experienced debater.

“I produce jobs, I produce beautiful buildings, I do a lot of good things, I build great businesses,” Trump said. “But the fact is I’m not a debater. I’ve never done it before. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll be good, maybe I’ll be terrible. Who knows what I’ll do.”

Trump also said that he doesn’t understand why the political establishment is so afraid of him.

“What I want to do, Eric, is make our country great again,” Trump said. “But the level of animosity and the level of hatred from some people – who I think are good people – is incredible.”

He added that the level of support, however, is beyond incredible, including from some of his fellow GOP candidates.



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