Trump On Refugees: ‘America Has Too Many Problems’ To Take In Any Muslim Refugees’ [Video]


Donald Trump said on ‘Hannity’ that he sympathizes with the millions of migrants who are fleeing war-torn parts of Africa and the Middle East, but we already have too many problems in the U.S. to be taking in refugees.


“From a humanitarian standpoint, I’d love to help, but we have our own problems,” Trump told Sean Hannity. “We have so many problems that we have to solve.”

Trump noted that extremely wealthy, and powerful Gulf states – such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain – are not taking in refugees. 

“Russia’s not taking, nobody’s taking.  We’re supposed to take? We have to straighten out our own problems,” Trump stated. “If Obama would have gone across the line that he drew, the artificial line in the sand that he drew, you wouldn’t have this problem in the first place.”


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