Trump Posts Megyn Kelly, Howard Stern Raunchy Interview Discussing Breasts And Penises [Video]


Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump took another shot at Fox News host Megyn Kelly. Trump posted a link on social media to an interview Kelly did five years ago with Howard Stern.


Stern gets raunchy and talks about the size of Kelly’s breasts, her husband’s penis size and includes some graphic sex talk.

Trump also offered an opinion who’s more “innocent.”



Howard Stern and Megyn Kelly discuss breasts, penises & Republican litmus tests about Fox News.


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  2. Only ONE PARENT has to be a citizen of the US for the child to be a natural born citizen. It took me literally 20 seconds to look that up to make certain. Educate yourself PLEASE. If you plan on voting, stop listening to/watching InfoWars and spend some time actually educating yourself instead of writing a tinfoil hat manifesto based on incorrect information.


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