Trump Refuses To Apologize For Megyn Kelly ‘Blood’ Remark


Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is refusing to apologize for the ‘blood’ remark he made about Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly that sparked widespread outrage, Trump is insisting he was misunderstood.


Washington (AFP) Trump, who is leading a packed Republican field of White House hopefuls found himself at the center of controversy after seeming to suggest that Megyn Kelly, one of the moderators of last week’s presidential debate, was tough on him because she was menstruating.

“You can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever,” Trump told CNN on Friday. The comment prompted the organizer of a major conservative forum in Atlanta to withdraw his invitation.

But on Sunday, Trump said only “sick” people or a “deviant” would have concluded he was talking about Kelly’s period.

“I cherish women. I want to help women,” Trump said in a phone interview with CNN’s “State of the Union” news program.

“Who would make a statement like that? Only a sick person would even think about it.”

When asked how so many of his fellow candidates and conservative pundits had reached the conclusion about his comment, Trump replied: “They want to be politically correct. They want to get points. I’m leading in the polls.”

Trump nevertheless did not offer an apology, saying only that he had “nothing against” Kelly — and doubled down on his criticism of her, again saying she had asked “unfair” questions of him during the debate.

Trump’s top political advisor Roger Stone left the campaign on Saturday, saying on Twitter he disagreed with the “diversion to food fight with @megynkelly.”

And Trump’s adversaries seized the opportunity to score points against the unlikely frontrunner.

“There’s no excuse for this,” former Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina — the only woman in the Republican field — told Fox News Sunday.

“You don’t get things done by insulting people.”

Several of the candidates including Fiorina, and Jeb Bush have asked Trump to apologize. Kelly has so far not commented.

But the real estate mogul hit back Sunday at Bush, who had himself been in hot water over a comment on funding for women’s health.

“Jeb was very negative on women’s health. And when you’re negative on women’s health, you can forget about it,” Trump said.

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  1. He shouldn’t apologize. It was evident from the start, Fox was out to make Mr Trump look bad from the get go. Everyone knows if Bush wins the Republican nomination, he won’t win and Trump will more than likely run as a third party candidate. Then you got Kelly trying to make it like Trump and the Republican Party has this War on Women. That’s bullshit.
    You at Fox are just proving how much you’ve changed and are becoming just another leftist tool.

  2. Trump doesn’t owe Megyn Kelly an apology. I am female. I was not offended by what he said because I ‘got what he meant’. I didn’t race to the most disgusting place to go with what he said to blow it up into a big story. Kelly behaved unprofessionally. She had an obvious agenda. It was embarrassing & distracting from the debate. If the GOP is smart, they won’t want her within a mile of the next debate unless they want to waste the viewer’s time.

    I’m all grown up. Put my big girl panties on every morning. I don’t believe the average American woman is so sick minded that they assumed his comment was about a period. I assumed he meant the old saying, ‘that she had blood in her eye’

    It’s time to stop wasting time on foolishness & focus on the business at hand… taking back America & making it better

  3. FTB and Fox News – lets move on to get Donald Trump Elected and all of us work with him to “Make America Great Again.”


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