Trump Reveals “Greatest Military Coup Of All Time” Could Now Be Underway In The USA [Video]


Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has a lot to say about the Syrian refugee crisis and as usual, it is controversial (for liberals) but he is correct, and speaking out.


Donald Trump spoke with Eric Bolling from Fox News and expressed his concerns about jihad terrorists coming into the United States posing as so-called ‘refugees.’ 

Trump said, “They were talking about 3,000 people coming. Then I heard 10, then I heard 25, then I heard 200,000 people.”

Trump noted that “they look like young men, and strong men, and they look like fighters.”

“Why aren’t they fighting for their own country, Syria?” He asked.

“This could be one of the greatest military coups of all time,” Trump says. Trump believes that many of the refugees will be members of ISIS coming here to implement their Muslim Jihadist ways. Killing all NON MUSLIMS! ISIS warned that they were going to do this. Trump is spot on.

Conservative Tribune adds:

Trump warned that accepting refugees in our attempt at humanitarianism could be like accepting “a Trojan horse.” Many migrants, including Islamic militants, would come to an unprepared United States.

“Obama wants to bring 200,000 people here,” Trump said. “[I]f I win the election, they are going back. They’re going back.”

Under a Trump administration, instead of transferring these migrants to European countries or the U.S., “free zones, safe zones” would be set up in Syria for these people.

Trump pointed out that the Persian Gulf states aren’t “accepting anybody.”

“And they are right there,” he said. “We have a big problem in this country.”

Of course Trump is right, Barack Obama continues to put the United States in great danger. 

List Of 190 Cities Where Obama Is Dumping Thousands Of Syrian Muslim Refugees

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