TRUMP WAS RIGHT – CBS Admits They Did Not Cover 24% Of 78 Listed Islamist Terror Attacks (Video)


The media covered several of the attacks but typically downplayed the Islamic factor in the deadly attacks, The GateWay Pundit reports.

The Trump White House was right.

CBS News admitted they did not cover 24% of the terrorist attacks – at all.

CBS inadvertently just proved the Trump administration’s accusations of media bias.

CBS News reported:

The White House prefaced its Monday evening release with a statement saying that, since the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) declared its caliphate in 2014, “There has been a major attack targeting the West executed or inspired by the group more than once every two weeks.”

“Most have not received the media attention they deserved,” the White House added, although many of the attacks were covered by the media.

CBS News covered, in some cases heavily but at least to some extent, more than 74 percent of the attacks on the list.

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