Trump Slams Obama About Bergdahl And The IRS, Hillary’s Emails – Crowd Goes Wild [Video]


Donald Trump: ‘The American dream is dead, I will make it bigger, and better, and stronger!’ 


Donald Trump spoke at the FreedomFest conference in Las Vegas, telling delegates of his undying passion for securing America’s border, talks about the slanted portrayal of him in the mainstream media, and how he believes that China and Mexico have “smarter leaders” than the United States.

Some libertarians, who the conference is aimed at, believed that Trump would receive a hostile reception at FreedomFest. But the crowd was generally supportive, or at least open-minded, to Trump’s run. One delegate told Breitbart London, “He doesn’t pretend to be anything. People were surprisingly supportive of him.”

On wealth creation and jobs, Trump spoke passionately about how there should be more jobs in the U.S. instead of calling a company’s customer service line and ending up with someone in New Delhi, these jobs belong in America, not overseas. 

On immigration, he talked up a wall for the U.S.-Mexico border and directly accused the Mexican government of intentionally, “sending us their problems.”

“I love the Mexican people… The problem is their leaders are much smarter than ours…” he repined. “I love people to come into the country legally,” he said, before attacking a commonly held libertarian viewpoint that illegal immigration is to be tolerated.

Standing in front of an animated screen in Las Vegas on Saturday, Trump spoke passionately for almost a half an hour, hitting some of his main talking points: President Obama’s weakness, a ‘porous’ Southern border, his business successes, and even Benghazi.

Trump made illegal immigration the primary focus of his speech, railing against the Mexican government for sending illegal immigrants to the US.

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  1. I call bull shit! The white house was built and staffed by slaves. Should we remove that too? these same people crying about the confederate flag are the same ones who say, Obama is America’s 1st black president. Also not true. He is multi racial. Half European. We have not ever had a black president yet. And these same group of people start this stuff to loot and riot.

  2. CNN hates the fact that Donald Trump could possibly be the next president of the United States. They are so afraid of this man that they are going to try to smear his reputation by painting him as a racist. Trump commented on how Mexico is sending their worst citizens to America. He state that ‘they are sending their rapists’, so CNN put a spin on this comment and totally miss-quoted him by saying that he said Mexican immigrants are rapists –“they’re rapists”. Can’t CNN tell the difference between they’re and their. Of course they can, but they would not miss this chance to re-write history if this could help to keep this man out of the White House. I say Shame on you CNN. The American people heard what Donald said. Do you think the American people are dummy’s that can be tricked in believing that CNN news must correct them as to what they thought they heard in the first place? I am a Canadian, but even I can see that Donald Trump is not a joke; he is America’s only hope. –W.C.Elson


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