Trump Slams Obama For ‘Doing Nothing’ About ‘So-Called Russian Meddling’ Before The Election

Trump Slams Obama For ‘Doing Nothing’ About ‘So-Called Russian Meddling’ Before The Election

President Trump slams Obama for ‘doing nothing’ about the ‘so-called Russian meddling’….

There has been so much emphasis by the Democrats and the mainstream media that there was Russian interference taking place during the election and that is why Donald Trump won the presidency, that one has to wonder why it was not dealt with when it was discovered. 

What people should be outraged about is why, if former President Obama knew about Russian meddling, didn’t he do something to stop it. And that is why President Trump on Sunday blasted Obama and Hillary Clinton, claiming Obama “did nothing” to stop the so-called Russian Meddling ahead of the 2016 election.

“Why didn’t President Obama do something about the so-called Russian Meddling when he was told about it by the FBI before the Election?” he asked.

Trump continued, “Because he thought Crooked Hillary was going to win, and he didn’t want to upset the apple cart! He was in charge, not me, and did nothing.”

Fox News reports:

The president’s remarks came several hours after he lashed out at special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe on the social media platform.

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“Why didn’t the 13 Angry Democrats investigate the campaign of Crooked Hillary Clinton,” tweeted Trump, in an apparent reference to the courtroom drama “Twelve Angry Men.” “Many crimes, much Collusion with Russia? Why didn’t the FBI take the Server from the DNC? Rigged Investigation!”

Trump tweeted minutes after personal attorney Rudy Giuliani told “Fox News Sunday” that Mueller’s team investigating Russia meddling in the 2016 presidential race had 13 Democrats, and said it was “rigged.”

Trump in recent weeks has called for an additional special counsel — to investigate whether the Justice Department surveilled his campaign.

Trump referenced the “phony Russia Collusion Witch Hunt” in another Sunday morning tweet.

“Who’s going to give back the young and beautiful lives (and others) that have been devastated and destroyed by the phony Russia Collusion Witch Hunt?” he asked. “They journeyed down to Washington, D.C., with stars in their eyes and wanting to help our nation…They went back home in tatters!”

Trump didn’t mention any specific names regarding whose lives might have been destroyed.


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