Trump Supporter Attacked By Two Women At DC Restaurant For Saying ‘I Support Trump’ (Video)


A woman told police that she was assaulted by two women at a restaurant in Washington, D.C., for supporting President Trump, police said Monday, releasing images of the incident as they try to track down the suspects.

D.C. police are looking for two women as persons of interest in a felony assault after they allegedly attacked a woman inside the taco shack Surfside in downtown D.C. A portion of the clash was caught on security cameras.

According to Fox 5, the victim reported to police that she was involved in a conversation with the two women and a man who was with them, and at one point she stated, “I support Donald Trump.”

The victim said she drove herself to Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, for treatment of her injuries, according to police, Fox News reports.

Police released a surveillance video of the suspects of the felony assault of a woman in the nation’s capital for supporting President Donald Trump.  (DC Police)

A silent, 43-second surveillance video clip from police shows a woman wearing a white jacket and crop top lunging toward a person off-camera who appears to be recording her. The woman apparently tries to snatch the camera as the video image shook.

The surveillance footage also shows the woman in the white jacket and a woman in a black jacket standing in line at the restaurant, alongside a man wearing a tie, according to WRC.

Anyone who can identify the women in the video or who has knowledge of the assault is asked to call police. A reward of $1,000 has been offered.


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