Trump To Target Huge Cuts At EPA, State Dept, Climate Hoax To Fund Military Revival


Since the whole climate change scam was a global government hoax to insert the UN into a controlling position over the domestic affairs of every nation on the planet and we now have a President who isn’t in cahoots with the UN in trying to destroy our country, it’s only logical to cut the waste there as a means of funding the resuscitation of our military. What was used as a tool to siphon off cash to cripple our military capabilities can now be cut as a means of rehabilitation, Rick Wells reports.

President Trump is expected to demand major cuts to one of the two most hated and abusive agencies in the federal government, the Environmental Protection Agency as well as one of the most chronically corrupt, wasteful and opulent, the Department of State.

The planet is not really attacking us, as the scammer who used to reside in the White House and his accomplices Gina McCarthy and John Kerry used to claim. Those were just scare tactics to manipulate their hands into the treasury so they could throw money away on climate crap and in the direction of their cronies.

The real threat comes from our human enemies, the ones we have a military as a defense against, the same military that has been deliberately allowed to deteriorate over the past 8 years of neglect.

It is anticipated that President Trump will, on Monday, instruct cabinet and agency officials to ready budget requests and included in those requests will be huge cuts to the EPA and other climate hoax programs. The funds freed up will go towards military spending.

He’ll then address a joint session of Congress the following day, which should make for some very interesting television, particularly from the sure-to-be-outraged Marxist side of the aisle.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Sunday that President Trump’s budget will leave Social Security and Medicare untouched, although some other social programs will be cut.

There was no immediate comment from planet earth regarding plans to exploit our imminent vulnerabilities to attack or of any retaliations, such as isolated sea level rises, glacier melts or sunny days.

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