Trump: Taxes on ‘Everybody’ Will Go Down, But ‘I May Have to Raise’ Taxes on Rich ‘From That Point’ (Video)

Republican presidential presumptive nominee Donald Trump said that taxes on “everybody” will go down, but “I may have to raise (taxes on the rich) from that point” on Tuesday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.


Fox News reported that host Bill O’Reilly said, [relevant exchange begins around 7:00] “Finally, I was a little upset because my taxes are going to go up if you win. I’m going to be paying more now.”

Trump responded, That’s wrong. … I have the biggest tax cut of anybody running, by far, and that includes the 16 people that are vanquished, okay? And nobody even came close. But, I may have to raise it from that point.”

O’Reilly asked, “So, your original statement in the debates you might have to go up a little for me? For me, I may have to pay more?”

Trump then answered, “No, Bill, you’re going to actually, perhaps go down. Actually, everybody’s going to go down. But who’s really going to go down is the middle class, who have been absolutely destroyed by taxes, and also businesses are going to go down.”


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