Trump To Visit Mexico, Meet With Pena Nieto Ahead Of Immigration Speech (Video)

Trump To Visit Mexico, Meet With Pena Nieto Ahead Of Immigration Speech (Video)

Presidential nominee Donald Trump will meet with Mexico’s president Enrique Pena Nieto today, just hours before he delivers an immigration policy speech in Arizona.

According to Fox News ,  Nieto and Trump each confirmed late Tuesday that Trump accepted the invitation and the two would meet in private Wednesday.

Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told Fox News the two would discuss illegal immigration, trade and drugs. Trump running mate Mike Pence also said they would begin a conversation about a proposed border wall, along with other issues.

“He’s going to begin a dialogue with Mexico on issues … that we differ on … but also, issues of common interest,” Pence told Fox News.

News of the surprise visit was getting a mixed reaction inside Mexico. Former President Vicente Fox told CNN that Trump is “not welcome” by the Mexican people, calling it a “political stunt.” Asked about the comments, Pence said he’s glad the “current president has a different attitude.”

“I think today is more about a relationship,” Pence said.

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