Tucker Carlson BLASTS Illegal Alien: ‘You Don’t Have a Right to Demand Anything!’ (Video)


Tucker Carlson blasted undocumented dreamer Ivan Ceja, the co-founder of Undocumedia, who tried to defend the protest against Nancy Pelosi for having a meeting with Trump about DACA.

Carlson said DACA protesters showed a “lack of gratitude” for the United States taxpayer, and asked Ceja why he “has a right to demand anything.”

He said that if this situation was occurring in any other country, the citizenry and government would tell the illegal immigrant to “buzz off,” Fox News reported.

Carlson pointed out how ungrateful illegal aliens are after they have benefited from our society. They are demanding, hostile, and show ‘lack of gratitude’, the GP reported.

Ivan Ceja actually claimed that elected officials represent their constituents which includes illegal aliens and Carlson shot back by saying the U.S. government exists to protect the needs of U.S. citizens. It does not exist to protect non U.S. citizens.

Earlier Monday, Nancy Pelosi was ambushed by a large group DACA-supporting protesters who call themselves the “Immigration Liberation Movement” warning Pelosi not to “sell [us] out.”

The angry crowd were screaming in her face and insisting she answer their questions on whether they would get deported yelling, “Yes or No!” Chanting, “Democrats deport!” as others yelled, “Shutdown ICE!” and demanded, “All of us or none of us!” adding, “We are not your bargaining chip!”

Pelosi is clearly unsettled as the angry crowd surrounds her and refuses to allow her to talk.

The activists chanted: “All of us — or none of us,” meaning that they would only accept full amnesty for all illegal aliens, not just DACA beneficiaries.

Well, I guess they are in for a disappointment because President Trump is not going to grant all illegals amnesty so they can all leave.

President Donald Trump canceled DACA earlier this month, but left Congress a six-month window in which to find a legislative solution for the roughly 800,000 DACA beneficiaries. Pelosi said that she wanted the “DREAM Act,” a long-dormant Democratic Party bill that goes much further than DACA, “to be the basis of how we go forward.”


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