Tucker RIPS ‘Al Sharpton of the Feminist Movement’ Lisa Bloom over Weinstein Defense (Video)

Tucker RIPS ‘Al Sharpton of the Feminist Movement’ Lisa Bloom over Weinstein Defense (Video)

Even her mother, Gloria Allred criticized her for defending a sexual predator.

Tucker Carlson ripped high-profile feminist attorney Lisa Bloom for temporarily defending disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Bloom, who is Gloria Allred’s daughter, initially defended Weinstein in the early moments of his sexual assault scandal, Carlson said.

“In the case of Harvey Weinstein, Lisa Bloom look the side of the predator over the prey, likely because the price was right,” Carlson said.

However, as Carlson described, Bloom ditched Weinstein after the deluge of accusations began to pile up against the Hollywood heavyweight, Fox News reports.

He called her the “Al Sharpton of the feminist movement,” noting that she has taken the side of the accusers in several high-profile cases.

Sharpton gained notoriety for his reported roles in Harlem, N.Y.’s “Freddie’s Fashion Mart” and Tawana Brawley incidents in 1995 and 1987 respectively.

Bloom represented people who sued the Catholic Church a decade ago, joined lawsuits against the Boy Scouts for not admitting girls, and represented women accusing Bill O’Reilly and Bill Cosby of sexual harassment.

“Celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom sells herself as the fiery champion of the oppressed,” Carlson said.

He added that Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan said Bloom offered her a secret payout to recant her statements and indemnify Weinstein.

Needless to say, her career is over.

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