Two Armed Gunmen Try To Rob Gun Store… Receive Instant Justice (Video)

Two Armed Gunmen Try To Rob Gun Store… Receive Instant Justice (Video)

Two armed men chose the wrong place to attempt a robbery last month, when the owner at Cobb County gun shop confronted them and shot one dead at the scene, Cobb County police said.

In the harrowing video – which was captured at Dixie Gun and Pawn in Mableton, Georgia, on December 26 – 64-year-old Jimmy Groover and an employee are standing behind the counter, Fox News Insider reported.

Suddenly, two gun-wielding men storm into the store. Groover’s employee raises his hands, as the robbers point their weapons.

The suspects reportedly yelled, “Get down on the floor or I will kill you!”


Off-screen, Groover grabs his own weapon and the next thing you see is him shooting and killing one suspect, then shooting at the second as well.

Police said the first gunman died at the scene. The second gunman took off in a silver Dodge Magnum, and reports say police are still searching for him.

Neither Groover nor his employee or customers were injured.

“I had no other choice. I had no other choice. I hate that it happened,” Groover told 11Alive. “I’ve been doing this 30 years. Nothing like this has ever happened. I never wanted this to happen, but I want to go home at night, too.”

Police said it is unlikely Groover will be charged because he acted in self-defense.


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