U.S. Police Operating a Coordinated Shakedown Scheme

U.S. Police Operating a Coordinated Shakedown Scheme

Many Cops and “authorities” deny this is a fact, and rightfully so, it may not be in their jurisdiction… “YET”. I am by no means saying every City Cop, County Sheriff, State Police or Federal A-Gent is guilty. However, the proof of these crimes against society exist, and is undeniable. This activity has been gaining momentum for decades.

This is a relatively old post, however, never the less a fact.


Quoted by Neil Macdonald, CBC News Posted: Sep 11, 2014,

“The Washington Post this week reported that in the past 13 years, there have been 61,998 cash seizures on roadways and elsewhere without use of search warrants. The total haul: $2.5 billion, divided pretty much equally between the U.S. government and state and local authorities (hence the Kafkaesque “equitable sharing” euphemism).


It doesn’t matter your social or legal status, you are not exempt. Travel smart, cash is not always your best option. You can and most likely will find yourself relieved of your cash at some point, in some State by some AGency in the near future.

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This is inevitable if you travel statewide or interstate much. These types of criminal know no limits or boundaries, they have little restrictions. They use and abuse the shield and weapon as an intimidation tool. Most Courts support this criminal activity under “color of law” (statute code, NOT LAW).

I have personally experienced this nightmear, with no recourse. Most times, the cost to travel out of State and the expense of a Lawyer does not justify the means. “Authorities” count on this. Again, TRAVEL SMART!

By Bill Bohart

“Non sibi sed patriae”
It is time to water the tree of Liberty.
“A Republic can only survive by its Patriots spilling the blood of tyrant predators.
[Bill Bohart]


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