U.S. Taxpayers Funded Over $1 Billion For Development Of Sharia Law In Afghanistan


The U.S. government spent more than $1 BILLION of American taxpayer funds on programs to develop the rule of law in Afghanistan, including efforts to improve a judicial system that incorporates Islamic Sharia law, reports a watchdog agency appointed by Congress.


“This effort has focused on areas such as the judicial system, corrections system (detention centers and prisons), informal justice system, legislative reform, legal education, public outreach, and anticorruption efforts,” explains SIGAR.

John Sopko, SIGAR’s inspector general, cited the U.S. Army’s Center for Law and Military Operations’ Rule of Law Handbook, and reported that the legal system in Afghanistan consists of two separate judicial systems that coexist, a formal and an informal system, both of which incorporate Sharia law.

Breitbart reported:

The formal system of law is “practiced by state authorities relying on a mixture between the civil law and elements of Islamic Sharia law,” notes Sopko in the report, while the informal legal system is “based on customary tribal law and local interpretations of Islamic Sharia law.”

“Experts we consulted describe a complex legal system in Afghanistan that incorporates hundreds of years of informal traditions, Islamic Sharia law, former Soviet judicial practices during the 1980s, and modern Western influence since the fall of the Taliban in 2001,” he adds.

Among the core objectives of the program was building “the capacity of law and Sharia faculties,” notes SIGAR.

USAID spent an additional $39.7 million on a different completed program aimed at strengthening the informal justice sector in Afghanistan in order to increase stability and improve access to justice in certain districts.

“The United States faces pervasive corruption, lack of will, and other challenges in trying to improve the Afghan justice sector,” it adds. “After 13 years and over $1 billion spent, U.S. agencies are still not consistently assessing the sustainability of their rule of law programs in Afghanistan.”

Over $1 BILLION of American taxpayer money was spent on Sharia Law in Afghanistan that should have been spent here in the United States. Barack Obama has made military benefit cutbacks as well as defense, social security and medicare cutbacks. 

Had enough America. 

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