UK Prime Minister’s Response to ISIS Beheading of US Journalist Puts Obama’s Lack of a ‘Reaction’ to Shame!


When ISIS released the horrifying video of one of its members gruesomely beheading American photojournalist James Foley, the terrorist group had a message for the U.S. government:

…In the video, entitled “Letter to America,” ISIS terrorists force him to read a letter urging Americans to rise up against his “real killer, the U.S. government.” In addition, Foley says the U.S. airstrikes against ISIS “hammered the final nail into [his] coffin.”


ISIS is also threatening to kill Time journalist Steven Joel Sotloff unless the U.S. stops attacking them, stating, “the life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision.”

The worlds responses of anger, indignation and calls for action have been echoed by millions around the world, including from British Prime Minister David Cameron:


According to the Washington Post, Prime Minister Cameron’s office said he is “cutting short a family vacation and returning to London to chair emergency meetings on Iraq and Syria.”

And where is our illustrious potus Obama who has not yet responded to the shocking news? After returning to Washington D.C. for two days, the Obama spent Tuesday evening traveling back to Martha’s Vineyard to finish up his two-week vacation.

The White House insists that Obama is on a “working vacation,” and Obama might just be taking his good old time to come up with an appropriate response to James Foley’s death, yet the contrast between the two leaders’ choices says a lot.

One can’t help wonder how difficult it would have been for Obama to make a simple statement to the American people and to the family; how much preparation does one need to condemn a terrorist act against against an American citizen.



  1. If I were president of the US, and thank goodness I am not, my next decision would be to drop enough nuclear arm laments to turn that desert over there and all those who Identify with this radical BS to glass. I’d keep on dropping them until the glass turned to ash. MFers.


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