Unbelievable! Bergdahl Could Receive $300K in Retroactive Pay


Apparently Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is entitled to about $300,000 in back pay and special compensation following his release as a Taliban prisoner, experts say. We are talking about 5 years’ worth of benefits being paid to a deserter!

Based on service length and known pay rates alone Bergdahl’s back pay and hostile fire pay would be about $150,000.

Service members who are designated by the Defense Department as “captive, missing or missing in action” are entitled to receive back pay and allowances, officials said. Any additional pay and allowances earned such as promotions or special entitlements are not issued until they are officially recovered or classified as deceased.


However, because it is suspected that Bergdahl deserted, he could forfeit back pay, allowances, and military compensation and veterans benefits if found guilty on desertion or Absence Without Leave (AWOL) charges. The Army would not say if he has received any compensation since his release form the Taliban.

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